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Apparently, we don't have any evil romanceable females....


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Kulyok, who's Salomeya??? Anyway I think Thorium is indeed still working on Valen as he said as much not too long ago. He just doesn't post much in the progress thread until he has something he feels is substantial enough to report.


I'd love to see more evil love in the world and what comes to mind is Diabolique over at SHS as well. But I would happily play any romance someone would write.


Oh and is Kiara even still available? Somehow I thought she wasn't or that the mod was buggy or somehthing like that.

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Salomeya Romance is what happened with Domi's Safana romance, though, of course, it's now much more than that. It is available here at G3 - IWD2 NPC mod; a public alpha.


Kiara is available at one of The Wizard's mirrors: I think there's a link in Misc. Released Mods subforum at Spellhold Studios.


(I remember, I was tempted to write an evil romance with myself one evening, but since it would all come to PC bringing me suchi every day, visiting various sites with me and having to endure my constant "not now, please, I am trying to write here!", I let go of the idea in the end).

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Thanks! I never thought of the misc section and it is good to see IWD stuff coming out I'll have to look into it.


Too bad about your idea not coming to fruition but sometimes that's the way it goes oh well! If you ever finish it though I'll be one of the first to try it out! ;)

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Heheh. Try Lais in Imnesvale, when RE comes out.



;) I can't wait! I've been lurking over at that thread at least 5 times an hour waiting for the announcement of the release! ;)


Ahem I'll let you get back to work on that release and stop bugging you here...

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