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PST Tweaks - bugs


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I know this has been out a few years, but I found some issues with it.


I recently checked out a copy of Planescape: Torment from the local library. I added some mods. Specifically:

Official Patch to v1.1

Plotter's fixpack

Armor & Robes

Candle quest

PST Tweaks



Here are the issues I ran across. When MaxHP on level up was installed, the game would not start at all. I'd click on the icon and I'd get an error box. I interactively uninstalled each component until I removed one that allowed me back into the game. MaxHP was that component. I reinstalled all other previous installed components and the game started as it should. So MaxHP was the culprit. I looked into MaxHP and saw that it copied files instead of patching. I looked at the files it copies. They didn't seem right when compared to the standalone version of MaxHP. So I created a patch (using weidu v199) to do the job on all 4 files.

Here it is:

COPY_EXISTING ~hpprs.2da~ ~override~
		   ~hprog.2da~ ~override~
		   ~hpwar.2da~ ~override~
		   ~hpwiz.2da~ ~override~
 COUNT_2DA_COLS ~cols~
 COUNT_2DA_ROWS %cols% ~rows~
 FOR (x=0;x<%rows%;x+=1) BEGIN
  READ_2DA_ENTRY %x% 1 %cols% ~entry1~
  READ_2DA_ENTRY %x% 2 %cols% ~entry2~
  PATCH_IF (%entry2% = 1) BEGIN
SET_2DA_ENTRY %x% 1 %cols% %entry2%
SET_2DA_ENTRY %x% 2 %cols% %entry1%


Also, the Armor and Robes mod adds items which need to be identified. Identify All component did not grab those so I made a modification to the COPY line. Now it does.

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.itm$~ ~override~


Also there were some stackables that didn't seem to stack or didn't stack high enough (I could have been confused because some icons are identical) but I made an adjustment that ensures all stackable items get adjusted. I replaced the two specific patches for scrolls with one patch.

COPY_EXISTING_REGEXP GLOB ~.*\.itm$~ ~override~
 READ_SHORT 0x38 ~stacks~
 PATCH_IF (%stacks% > 1 ) THEN BEGIN
  WRITE_SHORT 0x38 255

It duplicates some of the work, from the patch list in that component, but I left that list alone as that is where some non-stackables get stacked.


So to whomever is maintaining this thing, I've made adjustments to my local copy so that it will work and I am hereby providing them for your scrutiny. The decision to update is of course up to you....

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