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ToB only stuff


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I've been looking for a way to identify (and avoid) actions/triggers/spells/shouts/etc that are ToB only.


I've been to the IESDP, and haven't been able to find any way of telling which actions/triggers/spells/shouts/etc are added by ToB.


Is there a way to tell?

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Another thing: I've just been testing Xan's encounter, and while in ToB install all triggered well, in SoA-only install(note that I don't re-install the game, I just switch backups) the cutscene didn't load. I checked, and it was because one of the cre files had a "4" number in one of its inventory slots in NI, but didn't have a corresponding item. I corrected it, and it went fine. So it seems that SoA is less forgiving to such mistakes.

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