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Does anyone know what the copy protection is on the "Baldur's Gate Compilation"?


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Here's the link to the package:




The reason I ask about the copy protection is because I like to make ISOs of all my games (where possible) and burn them to DVD+R, then mount the ISOs to install and play the games. I have original copies of all the BG games and expansions, but one disc I always have problems with is ToB.


The European release of this game has laserlok copy protection on it. This means that nine times out of ten my DVD drive cannot read the disc. I can get around this by using a NoCD crack, but it's still a bitch to install ToB in the first place. I also had a hard time making an ISO from this disc because of the copy protection. I did eventually manage to make one, and the game seems to install fine from this ISO, but I don't want to get half-way through ToB and find that the copy I made has errors in it (yeah, I've never actually played ToB, despite having the game for years).


So I'm wondering if the ToB disc in the Baldur's Gate Compilation has this laserlok copy protection on it. If not, I'm sure I can make a perfect copy of the disc. If it does, there's no point in me buying the same version of the game (copy protection and all) twice.


And does anyone know what patches, if any, are applied to the Baldur's Gate Compilation? On my current version of the games I use BG TotSC UK Patch v5512 and BG2 ToB Patch v26498.


With regard to the ToB ISO that I made, is there any way to verify if it's a perfect copy or not? Can I check if ToB has indeed been installed correctly and fully?


Oh, and has anyone tried out the Icewind Dale Compilation:




I'm also wondering if I can make a perfect copy of that. I don't have any of the Icewind Dale games, so imagine that package to be worth getting. Even though I already own all the BG games, I'm quite prepared to replace my original, worn 5 CD version with a DVD version, provided I can also get a laserlok-free version of ToB, all for £8.99.

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Still uses laserlock - it's the same CD as per standalone ToB.

I've got one version of ToB with laserlok and one without; the 'with' one is the standalone ToB as originally released and the 'without' one is the first combined SoA/ToB release. Interestingly, the 'without' one has a lot of crap on it from TotSC!!!



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I've got the Icewind Dale dvd compilation. Whatever you do, don't try to play either of them without patching. As far as I could tell they didn't come with the patches.

I was really annoyed that they didn't at least put the add on component and latest patch for IWD on the dvd as it's a large download and beyond my dial-up internet patience. I gave up trying to complete IWD due to freezing and crashes.

IWD2 kept freezing on the map screen without the patch, but once patched ran fine. As to the type of copy protection, I'm not sure and I'll have to admit ignorance in how to tell the type.

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Bursk, let me speak for the non-vocal minority and say: I'm not sure what you're asking.


Sorry, I read the other thread and this one, and am still confused.


Do you want a file listing of the ToB disc, or a file listing once ToB is installed in the BG2 folder? Do you want advice on how to, um, manage the copy protection of the discs? You want this advice on the complilation discs or the non-comp disc?

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Azazello, sorry for not being clear. The issue is that my DVD drive often cannot read the ToB disc due to the copy protection. Even when my DVD drive can read the disc it does so very slowly. This means two things:


The game takes ages to install when installing from the disc;

It took ages to make a copy of the disc.


Anyway, I eventually managed to make an apparently-okay copy of the ToB disc (and by this I mean I created an ISO from the disc), which I then used to install ToB by mounting it in a virtual drive. The game does appear to have been installed okay, but my concern is basically this:


Is it possible that the ISO I made isn't actually okay, but the game still gives the impression that it's installed correctly? If so, I'm guessing that I could play all the way through BG2, get to the later stages of ToB and find that my ISO is indeed messed-up and my game crashes, wasting however many hours I've put into playing the game up to that point.


You mentioned "a file listing once ToB is installed in the BG2 folder" which is exactly what I'm after. When I installed Tutu, I went through that list of files in the Pocket Plane thread to make sure that all the files that were supposed to be present in my Tutu install were actually there. I'd now like to be able to do the same for my ToB install.


If all the files are there, then I can have relative peace of mind that my ISO is fine, despite the difficulty that my DVD drive had reading the disc and making the ISO, and that I'll be able to play through the whole game without problems. If this was e.g. Max Payne, which takes a short amount of time to play, I'd quite happily play through the game to test that the ISO I made is correct, but if I spent many, many hours playing through BG2 + ToB, only to then find that it crashes because of an incomplete install, I don't think I could being myself to play it through again.


I hope that's made things a bit clearer. Bigg has answered my question regarding the copy protection on the BG complilation, so you can ignore that part.

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I'm not sure that a file listing will give you the peace you seek, as you won't be sure what the copy protection did to the state of the game files. Depends on how strong or intrusive the protection is.


So what you really what to know is if your copy method gave you a clean copy. Since we don't want to compromise our moderators, best to take the discussion offline.

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Here's a listing that of ToB disk:

Directory of J:\CD5


03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> .

03/24/2006 06:46 PM <DIR> ..

03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> data

03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> movies

0 File(s) 0 bytes


Directory of J:\CD5\data


03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> .

03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> ..

08/31/2000 12:41 PM 1,990,341 AREA000B.bif

05/11/2001 06:34 PM 10,452,319 AREA3000.bif

05/11/2001 06:36 PM 15,840,803 AREA300A.bif

05/11/2001 06:36 PM 5,299,228 AREA300B.bif

05/11/2001 06:37 PM 9,604,550 AREA300C.bif

05/11/2001 06:38 PM 7,502,113 AREA300D.bif

05/11/2001 06:39 PM 10,849,964 AREA300E.bif

05/11/2001 06:39 PM 6,235,462 AREA4000.bif

05/11/2001 06:41 PM 15,219,156 AREA4500.bif

05/11/2001 06:42 PM 13,966,677 AREA5000.bif

05/11/2001 06:43 PM 9,096,178 AREA500A.bif

05/11/2001 06:43 PM 4,262,309 AREA500B.bif

05/11/2001 06:43 PM 2,318,332 AREA500C.bif

05/11/2001 06:44 PM 7,397,561 AREA5200.bif

05/11/2001 06:46 PM 11,124,023 AREA520A.bif

05/11/2001 06:47 PM 8,819,614 AREA520B.bif

05/11/2001 06:47 PM 3,848,912 AREA520C.bif

05/11/2001 06:49 PM 12,000,186 AREA5500.bif

05/11/2001 06:49 PM 10,001,398 AREA550A.bif

05/11/2001 06:50 PM 7,143,578 AREA6000.bif

05/11/2001 06:51 PM 5,557,294 AREA600A.bif

05/11/2001 06:52 PM 8,852,721 AREA600B.bif

05/11/2001 06:53 PM 9,741,073 AREA6100.bif

05/11/2001 06:54 PM 11,226,126 AREA610A.bif

05/11/2001 06:55 PM 8,026,134 AREA610B.bif

05/11/2001 06:55 PM 4,254,478 AREA6200.bif

05/11/2001 06:56 PM 5,885,883 AREA6300.bif

05/11/2001 06:57 PM 6,951,071 AREA6400.bif

08/31/2000 04:39 AM 19,882,759 CD3CreAn.bif

08/31/2000 04:44 AM 6,661,604 CD4CreA3.bif

30 File(s) 260,011,847 bytes


Directory of J:\CD5\movies


03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> .

03/24/2006 06:49 PM <DIR> ..

05/11/2001 06:05 PM 96,891,690 25Movies.bif

1 File(s) 96,891,690 bytes

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Thanks, Azazello.


What I'm going to do is compare the CRC32 values of the files on the original disc with those on my ISO version. If they're all the same, I'll assume that Alcohol 120%, despite the difficulty it had making the ISO, has made an accurate copy.

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