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Raoul's location in BG1Tutu


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In BG1Tutu I'm in chapter five, in BG city, mistakenly looking for the Bard store at Black Lilly's in the thieve's guild. Now upon checking the readme I do recall that Raoul is the merchant and he is supposed to be standing between two tents at the Nashkel fair. But I'm not finding him there.


Should I just reinstall the "new bardic store and thief items" component? Or should I CLUA Raoul?


If it matters, here's the mods I'm running:


BG/ToSC patched

BG2/ToB patched

Easy Tutu

Easy Tutu Degreenifier

Level One NPCs

One Pixel Productions

Sirenes Call

The Gray Clan

Sword Coast Stratagems

Song and Silence

Sword and Fist

Divine Remix

BG2 Tweaks


I kind of doubt this would affect Song and Silence, but I'll mention it just in case:


I'm playing with some Shadowkeeper edited characters


* half-elf multiclass Assassin-Mage (Thief-Mage with Assassin kit flag)

* elf multiclass Kensai-Mage (Fighter-Mgae with Kensai kit flag)

* human Berserker 7 dual classed to Cleric, kit flag changed from Berserker to Stormlord of Talos


Also, Imoen is a Blade by virtue of L1 NPCs.


I do have crashes from time to time with this game. My guess is probably due to the teo hacked multiclasses. Or perhaps L1 NPCs? Anyway I just quicksave all the time and it's little more than a minor annoyance. The game is still very fun, and playable.

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