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[IMPORTANT] Consent for publishing mods on Infinity Games new release


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[iMPORTANT] Consent for publishing mods on Infinity Games new release

Could this topic be pasted?


Hello everyone. As I wrote in title, it's very important (for me and CDP - official Infinity games publisher in Poland) thing. At newest Infinity Games release (both BG and IWD) CD Projekt wants to give for players some good mods available in polish for these games.


And here I come with the list of mods, which we have selected to publish - and if you want, to see it on this publishment, you must give us a word of agree. Then, here it is:



#BG Trilogy (WeiDU) DONE (Thanks Ascension64!)

#BG1TuTu DONE (Thanks jcompton!)

#BG1TuTu Fixpack



#BG1 Slime Quest DONE (Thanks Jastey!)

#The Grey Clan Episode I: In Candlelight DONE (Thanks Baronius!)

#Herbs & Potions Add-In (Thanks Baronius!)



#Banter Packs (Thanks jcompton!)

#BG2 FixPack (G3) (Thanks CamDawg!)

#BG2 Tweak Pack (kompatybilne z BGT i TuTu) (Thanks CamDawg!)

#Divine Remix (Thanks CamDawg!)

#Dungeon-Be-Gone (Thanks jcompton!)

#Herbs & Potions Add-In (for BG2) (Thanks Baronius!)

#Tortured Souls (Thanks Vlad!)

#Tower of Deception DONE (Thanks Valiant!)

#SimDing0 Tweak Pack

#DEF Jam

#BG2 Unfinished Business (?)

#Song and Silence

#Igi Mini-mods (Projectile Retrieval, Spell System Adjustment, Learn Through Use, Key Names) DONE (Thanks Igi!)

#The Darkest Day (?)



#Baldur's Gate Trilogy Tweakpack (BGT) DONE (Thanks Ascension64!)

#BG1 Slime Quest also for TuTu/BGT DONE (Thanks Jastey!)

#The Grey Clan Episode I: In Candlelight (BGT) DONE (Thanks Ascension64!)

#Sword Coast Stratagems DONE (Thanks DawidW!)

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Yes. I'm a little unclear--are you asking for permission to mirror, or offer support or what? I know and trust you, so it'll be yes regardless, but your post isn't very clear as to what you're intending to do. :)


In general, anyone who wants to use anything I've coded has carte blanche as long as there's an acknowledgment and it's used in good faith.

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Hi Cam!


It would be available on DVD with BG Saga. Also there gonna be, of course, mirror to G3 and full list of authors etc. :) We only publish SOME mods as a sort of advertisment - rest would be available here and on polish Wieża Ramazitha (place where you can download all mods with PL version).


Sorry for that it's unclear, I'm very excited of doing it.. ;P And If you want to ask about money.. no, probably there wouldn't be. Fact of publishing BG and IWD in my country again is very desperate movement of one guy in CDP - a real fan of these games. And it was very hard to do it. It gonna be available in cheap (but good) line of Extra Classic (20 pln's.. 5 pln's are 1 euro :p). And if you know value of polish money, they couldn't pay a good payment for that :)


I hope that you can understand that. I was a G3 translator for a long time - and it's one of effects of my work. I was also hardworkin' for this publishment.. :)


If you have got additional questions - of course ask. ;) But last time of giving permission is this tuesday.. :/


* I haven't got any other profit than making IE modding scene more known from that.

* From BI and Interplay side it's fully secured. As I told, once BG2 was published with some mods (but Weimer's only) in Poland. There wouldn't be any troubles.

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Actually, I think the question of whether or not the CD of mods is being sold or not is still quite unclear.


If I'm reading this right, CD Projekt (which is the publisher of the BG and IWD games in Poland, you can look that up) is reissuing the BG games on a budget label for $8 or whatever, and they want to include the abovementioned mods in the deal.

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I am not really involved in this directly, as none of the mods mentioned have me on staff (as far as I can see) but I would love it if someone (jcompton, you are the only developer I know of right now, so I would trust your ruling on this) could clarify this line.


As far as I can tell, it is to both parties' interests if the owner of a game license bundles free community mods on a budget compilation, as long as the mods themselves are not being sold and the authors of the mods are not making any money.


I am unsure as to whether a distributor owns this license, though... or whether this means that a mod crosses the line where people start talking about royalties, fees, etc.


There are significant rules about this in the music world (which almost everyone on all sides of the issue breaks all the time, but some people get huge fines for). I cannot publically admit to rescoring a piece for my kids to play to match their band instrumentation, even if I don't sell it or distribute it - I need to contact the publisher and composer to ask for permission. I can't sell CDs of the works, or raffle them off, or use them in fundraising efforts without getting permission. we mod for fun and love of the game (and the challenge) - does being involved in this project put any modder in jeopardy?

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I'm also a modder (poor but always..) and I know that. You probably know me, I've made some things on this scene - maybe more on polish side, but I've translated a lot of mods. And I also love them. :)


I'm talking non stop with guy from CDP, and he guarantee that no one will have any troubles with law. It was tested earlier (2004 - Original BG Saga with Weimer's mods).


And if you want (or not believe me) please give me your e-mails, I will give them to this guy (Mario :) ) and then you will see official letter. But I think there is not too much time..


And I will probably have one profit - better contacts with CDP (chance of working for them). Then.. my dream ;P

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OK, the deadline for the final list of mods to be included in this package is Tuesday.


But, I'd like to know what the deadline for final mod version submission is.


I'm sure you understand that a lot of the mods you mention are still under development, and for the inclusion of some of my mods, I'd like to see a more complete version included in theh package, as opposed to a version that quickly becomes outdated.


I give the specific example, of BGT-WeiDU, which at its currently released version (v1.04), does not contain a complete Polish translation. I wouldn't think Polish customers would be particularly happy with that.


Hence, a deadline for final mod version submission would at least help me, if not anyone else, assess the current status of the mod and make the best release that, in the best interests of all end users, is as complete as possible as the situation allows.


So, what is this deadline?

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bogate materialy dodatkowe


That's "(rich)/(a lot of) bonus materials", right?


I remember, when TDD was available on CD's in Russia, no one took legal action. But then again, when pirate Baldur Gate/Baldur Gate II CD's were available in Russia(and still are), no one took legal action, either. Maybe because it's Russia. :)


Maidros at the Attic once said that copyright laws only exist because a lot of leeway is allowed, or something of the sort. But that's beside the point. What I mean to say is, "having no troubles with the law" doesn't necessarily mean "not breaking the law".


Though this thread certainly works as an announcement, I am not sure that Ghreyfain, Indira's author, and Andyr, Mur'Neth' author, for example, have seen it, because they do not frequent the forums these days. Besides, I don't quite understand what is the point of asking consent now, if it's going to be available tomorrow anyway.


[edit: ah, an announcement tomorrow, not a CD. Still, it does sound a bit rushed, to say the least.]

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