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New addition!


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Added "remove spells not in BG" component

but does yours crash the game?!??!?!?!

Well, I don't think so... but that assumes I correctly worked out why the TutuFix version did. (Mine works a slightly different way, in any case). We'll see, I guess...

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The crashing was part of my developer intent. You stole and wrecked my mod.


I thought of including it as part of the "tactical challenge" part of the mod ("quick, kill that Ogre Mage before it casts Remove Magic and crashes the game!") but decided it would involve too much metagaming. :)


But hell, who was I to restrict people's playing habits? In v.6 look for the following:



Install Component [Remove spells not in BG1]?

[N]o, [Q]uit or choose one:

[1] Never crashes game

[2] Occasional game crashes add extra challenge

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