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(Item?) Bug in SP Stuff mod

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I've noticed that I keep on getting bugs(ie certain components fail to install, such as DoTQuestPack/DoTweakPack's Creature and Area Improvements component, along with the same sort of bug for one of the Bg2Tweaks mod-components(forget which one). Anyway, the file "DEITM049", is always the one which prevents installation of these components. I assume, from the title that it's the code for a magic-item. Anyway, after deleteing ithe "DEITM049" file from my override folder, everything worked fine. and, after checking, it turned out to have come from the SP-Stuff folder.

I can't remember the error too clearly, but it was something about a 2-byte error(at byte 466 of 465 bytes? - not sure about the last bit).



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