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Well, I do know there was a series of comic books that also had Aliens versus Predator, Aliens versus Terminator, Aliens verus Superman, Aliens versus Batman, and Predator versus Batman at the last count...


Or was it Aliens versus Robocop?

Others vs. comics I know of:


Aliens vs. Predator vs. Witchblade vs. Darkness


Robocop vs. Terminator (which revealed that Robocop linking with Skynet is what allowed to it to become sentient; was also a console game)


Superman vs. Terminator


Judge Dredd vs. Predator


Judge Dredd vs. Aliens


Batman vs. Judge Dredd


Judge Dredd vs. Lobo


Predator vs. Magnus Robot Hunter


Green Lantern vs. Aliens


Spawn vs. Batman


Transformers vs. GI Joe (!)


All manner of Marvel team-ups/confrontations (the Thing vs. the Hulk, Daredevil vs. Spiderman, etc)


All manner of DC team-ups/confrontations (Batman vs. Superman, Green Arrow vs. Red Dart, etc)


All manner of Marvel/DV team-ups/confrontations (the Hulk vs. Superman, Captain America vs. Batman, etc)

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AvP 2 is a great game -- spooky and heart-attackish (?) in single-player, extremely fun in multiplayer, especially playing as a team of 2-3 marines being attacked by 5-6 aliens. Lots of fun. Or a predator, hunting down 2-3 marines heh. Great fun, great fun indeed. I`m looking forward to the movie.

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