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A question about creating a new tavern


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First I would like to apologize for my english because it isn't my mother language, you know what follow.


Well I would like to create a new tavern in a one's of my new area I've done well until now. In order to create a new tavern I use DLTCEP or IEEP.

But when I have to add drink I have a litte probleme in IEEP I just have to write the name of the drink the chance of having a rumor and the price. But what bother me is that in DLTCEP there is that but the also the string reference. So when I create a new tavern with IEEP it associate the name of my drink with a string reference but will it work in the game of person who will have download my mod ?


And somethings else : is there someone who know how make a NEW file of rumor, because it's not the same kind of dialogue files that we use in order to make our personnage speak.


Ok I just hope someone understand what I've just write.



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When using dltcep, you can export files in tbg format (old and outdated).

Or TP2 (new and weidu style)


This will take care of the string references.

For installing tbg you will need dltcep or some other tbg decompressor on the host machine.

For weidu, you will need to pack weidu with your tp2/data file.

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I guess I don't have the same version of DLTCEP because in my version (6.7) I can export only in TBG format. Or does I have to do somethings in the setting ?


Ok I uderstand for rumors.


And thanks to you Avenger.

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This mod sounds fascinating! I hope you one day have it translated into English, or allow someone to do it for you.

Yes if never I finaly finished it :):)


While I'm here I would like to show my appreciation of your work there is really good people who know what they are doing I read all of your script and dialogue files good job really :)


Do you know where I can find the last verson of DLTCEP ?

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Errr sorry that's my fault ! When I first come to check the version on the site I trouble with...argh damn my english well in fact it was the fault of my explorer wich refused to load the site :)

Sorry ! And tanks.

Thanks to this ehm software ? Well with DLCTCEP it's easier to make a mod !

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