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NPC Kitpack lives


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I've just finished putting together v1, and it'll have new translations (Spanish from the usual suspects, Clan DLAN, and French from Thot and the D'Oghmatiques) as well as a bit of new content. The main focus was simply modernizing the code, eliminating the old reported bugs, and making the install nicer. Anyone want to volunteer to see what I've broken?


edit: Oh, and if anyone could provide the BGT script assignments for the BG versions of Edwin, Imoen, and Minsc, I'd be much obliged.

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Please send new text also to me :)


I'm waiting for Edwin tweak - he should be dual-specialist, have got two specialized schools of spells. It's special ability of Red Wizards (Idobek probably forgot about that or he haven't got time for implenting that).

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New content means new strings ?

If it's the case, feel free to send me its : I guess the d'Oghmatiques will be interested to translate its. :)

That explains it--I had sent four new lines to you on Monday, but I guess you didn't get them. I just need four more:


	 @0 = ~Deprecated~
 @3100 = ~Replace Berserker Kit with Battlerager for
@141000 = ~Give Imoen a Mage Kit~
@251000 = ~Give Nalia a Mage Kit~

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Imoen and Nalia are now handled by SUBCOMPONENT, so at install it looks like


Install Component [Give Imoen a Mage Kit]?
[R]e-install, [N]o Change, [U]ninstall, [Q]uit or choose one:
1] Abjurer
2] Conjurer
3] Diviner
4] Enchanter (currently installed)
5] Illusionist
6] Invoker
7] Necromancer
8] Transmuter

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Instalar componente [Dar a Imoen el kit de Mago]?

[R]e-instalar, [N]o cambiar, Desinstalar, [Q]Salir o elegir:

1] Abjuradora

2] Conjuradora

3] Adivinadora

4] Encantadora (instalado)

5] Ilusionista

6] Invocadora

7] Nigromante

8] Transmutadora

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@0 = ~Opuszczony~

@3100 = ~Podklasa Szalojownika zamiast Berserkera dla krasnoludow~

@141000 = ~Przydziel Imoen podklase maga:~

@251000 = ~Przydziel Nalii podklase maga:~


You can copy it from here - because of lack of polish letters in WeiDU installer.

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That explains it--I had sent four new lines to you on Monday, but I guess you didn't get them.


Ah yes, it's an old one... I'll change it immediately after. :)



From d'Oghmatiques :


@0 = ~En desuetude~

@3100 = ~Remplace pour les nains le kit du Berserker par un kit d'Enrage~

@141000 = ~Donne a Imoen un kit de mage~

@251000 = ~Donne a Nalia un kit de mage~

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