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SCS v5 released


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Version 5 of Sword Coast Stratagems is now out (and has been for a few days - sorry, meant to post this earlier. It can be installed just fine in the middle of a game but you need to uninstall version 4 first (i.e. run setup-scs.exe, uninstall everything, then install version 5, then run setup-scs.exe and choose the components you want).


Version 5 corrects a whole lot of small-to-medium bugs, many of them related to the sorts of problems people run into when playing solo (I don't do this, so some solo tactics catch me off guard). It's got one new miscellaneous encounter upgrade, and one new tweak component: Remove Spells Not in BG1, which takes spells like Minute Meteors and Holy Smite off the players' lists. (There was a version of this in Tutufix for a while, but it's now deprecated, due to bugs which my version - touch wood - doesn't share).


Version 5 is available in Spanish (courtesy ClanDLAN) and now also in German (courtesy Leonardo Watson) and Polish (courtesy Nugrud). Thanks, guys!

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