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Preview of new Thief kits...


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Lands of Intrigue will add the following Thief kits to the game. They use the default Thief HLA table, so will be compatible with other mods such as BGII Refinements. The existing choices (kitless Thief, Assassin, Bounty Hunter, Swashbuckler) are unchanged.


Thanks to Idobek for letting us use his Adventurer kit:


ADVENTURER: A jack-of-all-trades, not so much a thief as a character who takes advantage of the general thiefly skills on adventures. An Adventurer is preferred by many adventuring parties, because he is much less likely than other thieves to betray or steal from his own companions. The successful Adventurer knows the value of trust and cooperation, while many a "street thief" has been raised on duplicity and (sometimes literal) backstabbing.



-  +20% to Open Locks and Find/Remove Traps.



-  No backstab modifier.


A revised version of the Sharpshooter will appear:


SHARPSHOOTER: This sort of thief tends to be a stealthy character, preferring to engage their target from afar with bolt or arrow rather than face them in dangerous melee combat. Unlike the ranger, they use their skills to aid their dubious activities involving the property and lives of others rather than the protection of the great outdoors.


Although well - versed in the use of many missile weapons, the sharpshooter is not as resilient as a true warrior and the propensity for missile attacks over melee means that they lack the opportunism of other thieves when it comes to backstabbing. They tend not to see this as a disadvantage, instead striking from the shadows with a well - aimed projectile, or setting a deadly trap for those who would follow, when necessary.



-  Can attain Mastery in any missile weapon a Thief can use

-  Can make a Called Shot once per day per 5 levels. When he activates this ability, any shot made within the next 10 seconds is augmented in the following manner (according to the level of the sharpshooter):

4th level: -1 to THACO of target

8th level: -1 to save vs magic of target

12th level: -1 to strength of target

16th level: +2 bonus to damage



- No Backstab modifier.


Another new one, the Burglar. :suspect: NiGHTMARE mentioned maybe adding this to Alora for the Tutu NPC Kit Pack.


BURGLAR: This sort of thief is the consummate Burglar. He is an expert at breaking and entering the most difficult buildings, bypassing walls, locks, traps and guardians, grabbing the best loot, and escaping unnoticed as stealthily as he arrived.



-  +10% to Find Traps, Hide In Shadows, Move Silently and Open Locks

-  Can Specialise in Daggers, Darts, Slings, and Throwing Daggers



-  -20% to Pick Pockets and Set Traps


This kit is for Halflings only:


URCHIN: This sort of thief is a canny halfling who attempts to pass as a human child. Many an unsuspecting victim has tried to collar the annoying brat, only to learn that the apparently feeble child who robbed him or her is in fact an adult with all the skills of an accomplished thief.


Urchins are encountered almost exclusively in cities and large towns, where people don't know all their neighbors. Roaming the chaotic network of a city's streets and alleys, the Urchin blends in to the local population, keeping several escape routes and hiding holes ready to hand at all times. Living mostly on the street, the Urchin takes shelter where he or she can find it - as often as not among the poor and destitute of the community.



- +15% to Hide In Shadows

- +5% to Pick Pockets per level



-  Cannot set traps

-  -15% to Detect Illusion, Find Traps and Open Locks

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Um, no offense but I doubt anyone would choose the Adventurer kit. An advantage that can be gained through a couple of level ups compared to a disadvantage that removes one of the best, if not the best (imho) thief abilities!?


I think you should give the kit better fighting abilities (the name kind of implies this) and/or give it a reduced backstab ability, like the Stalker kit.

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The Adventurer kit was original designed for Imoen and Nalia to boost their thief skills a little and remove backstab. It was never meant to be a PC kit so I didn't take into account its use over more than the 7 levels Imoen has as a thief. However, now that it is going to be used as a PC kit I think a change is in order. I like NiGHTMARE's suggestion at the moment but I will look into things in more detail soon.

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-  +20% to Open Locks and Find/Remove Traps at 1st level

-  +5% to Open Locks and Find/Remove Traps every 4th level

Better? This is a total 70% bonus to each skill.


@Andyr what is the word on periods in the Advantages/Disadvantages sections? In or out?

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