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Order of the Radiant Heart: age requirement


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Lately, I came across "The Complete Paladin's Handbook"(2 D&D), and while it doesn't say much about the Order of the Radiant Heart, it mentions that one must be at least 40 years old to be admitted. (I probably shouldn't post the link to the book, but a short compilation/article is here - I checked, it seems to be correct.)


Which, naturally, means that either Dave Gaider never read the book, or Anomen is a shining exception. Or both.


It probably shouldn't matter, because the game hasn't got many facts according to D&D lore(Radiant Heart Triad is Ilmater, Torm and Tyr, not Helm; they do not appear to have headquarters in Athkatla, and so on). Still, it is interesting - might be relevant for the paladins out there; I've been meaning to write a few banters for Ryan Trawl, so for me, too, I guess.

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What I let Ajantis say in his BG1 lovetalk is canon information:


"A quarter [of the Order] consists of twenty-five members, chosen from the bravest and wisest paladins, with three prelates at the head. They are assisted by younger knights and squires, who have not yet gained the age or the experience to become full-fledged members. These knights and squires are also the ones who execute the field missions for the Order."


So, a "full-fledged member" would be over 40 or so, but there are other knights and squires, connected to and fighting for the order. At least that is how I understood what Kulyok mentioned when reading it. Anomen (and Ajantis) are therefore to find in the level of the "younger knights and squires".

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What Jastey said sounds about right.


Given how rare paladins are, and how even fewer of them manage to reach 40 years of age, the Order wouldn't get very far if it only accepted full fledged members to do its bidding. The Order of the Radiant Heart is mainly a social organization, with strong ties to nobility, and the requirements for a full membership are geared towards the honoring of long-lived paladins. Regarding more practical issues, the Paladin's Handbook mentions the Radiant Heart Auxiliary, which is a wing of the Order geared towards worthy young paladins (4th level or above, sponsored by a full member), which can be called upon to serve or assist their sponsors.


Even so, I think Kulyok was referring to how Anomen doesn't seem to fulfill all the requirements for the membership he ends up getting after his test, and not about the general functioning and/or viability of the Order.


More background on the Order of the Radiant Heart might be useful for future references, I agree.

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Well, Anomen isn't actually a paladin, for one thing. I thought the order was composed of lawful fighters and paladins. I imagine that like any body of fighting men, they'd need their chaplains, which means clerics.

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And though I can't remember the wording right now, I don't believe Anomen's test outcome specifies that he's a "full member" of the Order, just that he's being knighted. Keldorn is presumably a full member and seems to have more freedom that Anomen, who needs special permission to stay with the party.

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