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New Tweaks CTD bug

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I apologise for not posting a WEIDU log or debug file, but, as happens often, I uninstalled the whole BG2 folder after finding a constant CTD bug occurring. So far I've only experienced this particular CTD bug when I installed the beta-core fixes of the BG2FixPack mod.I then tried some (mega-mod) installations minus the BG2 FixPack Beta-fixes component, and everything turned out fine, from then on, and I was about to go through the whole of chateau irenicus, after editing via SK extensively. Trouble is I came across these marvellous new tweaks to the BG2TweakPack mod, and so I uninstalled/reinstalled everything with those 3 or 4 extra components(ie remove limit on number of traps/add saving throw penalties against spells cast by high-level spellcasters(god knows this has been needed for some time now), the "no delay for magical traps" and the new romance cheat-options.


The bug generally occurs whenever I go too far to the left. In the Check The Bodies Mod prologue bit in CandleKeep, before Chateau Irenicus, I would get a CTD automatically as soon as I walked out of the CandleKeep library and moved towards Winthrop's Inn(moving left inside the CandleKeep Library didn't cause a CTD). Then in Chateau Irenicus, I had the same CTD occur as happened when I'd installed the BG2FixPack beta-core component, always happening after my party went near the two rooms in the left passage, after the genie.


Anyway, I hope this CTD was just due to the other 3 components, as I really don't want to play a game without the saving-throw penalty beta-component. I'll reinstall everything laboriously without the former 3 component and see what happens. If it still crashes, I guess I'll have to wait a few more months before the saving-throw penalty component is improved from a beta to an official patch.

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