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NPC spawning - none vs 10!

Guest twetwe123

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Guest twetwe123

I'm a raw beginner working from a couple of 'The very very easy way to create NPCs' tutorials. I've made three very quick ones, two of them more or less copy-pasted from the tutorials, and I've started to write my own, more complicated one. Though at my skill level 'complicated' means a longer introductory dialogue...


Back on topic.


Two of them have worked perfectly but the other two, including this current one which I'd really like to work, have had the same problem of the NPC not spawning. They could be generated with the console but just wouldn't automatically appear. I did some poking around and discovered this this thread which sort of helped... I took two bits of advice from it, can't quite remember what they were because it's almost midnight and I've been doing this for over three and a half hours, and now I'm either not spawning my NPC at all or having 10 of the things converge on me at once.


I tried out some combinations by adjusting the name in the .baf file and switching between extend_top and extend_bottom in the TP2. It seems that if I use 'T3Alek' in my .baf I don't get him spawning at all and if I just use 'Alek' he spawns multiple times, without the extend command seeming to matter.


My .baf:



and the part from my tp2:

// This is adding our area file to the game 

EXTEND_BOTTOM ~Ar0500.bcs~ ~Alek\ar0500.baf~


I'd rather not have 10 camp blond half-elves swarm my party, even if it's a good way of terrifying Anomen. Can you tell what very obvious mistake I'm making?

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Guest twetwe123

Wow that was quick!

And (of course, as it was you), it worked! He's now in my party complaining about their taste in shoes. Brilliant. Thank you!!

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Guest twetwe123

Hehe, blame thank my sister. Sometime last year she invented a 3rd edition D&D character: Alec the Fabulous, half-elf sorcerer, Strength of 6 Charisma of 18, with feats such as Great Fortitude and Use Rope and spells like Colour Spray and Charm Person. Obviously I'm changing him a bit for the game. We thought it was hilarious, though I put off learning modding to make him because I thought he could be offensive to some people. But today I was itching to practise, so I sat and wrote his .d file and recruited a flamboyant friend of mine to do some voicing :cry:.

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I just love that idea, even if I do feel guilty for liking something so camp. He sounds like he is going to be incredibly entertaining. I don't know about you, but that's why I play.


OMG! I just read those feats again! That is too funny!


Just do yourself a favor, and keep an eye on the fourth wall. I like humorous mods that break it, but not everyone does.

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