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Future development (mainly ToB)


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Since there have been questions if ToB content will ever be released, here's what's currently planned for it. (If for nothing else then to show that I have not lost interest in Amber.) I urge everyone to remember that this does not mean that it will be finished tomorrow, next week or even month and I wouldn't hold my breath for this year either. :D Corthala Romantique is due first anyway. :cry:


The talk structure is much, much simpler than in SoA and resembles more the Bioware style, partly because ToB as a game is much shorter than SoA and a lot more linear. While in SoA we have the main general talk track that forks into the P1 romance and friendship, a separate general talk and romance track for P2 and floating talks for the all four (plus the individual chapter talk track); in ToB there is just the one track with floating talks. The diferrent flavours for romances and friendship are added to eah talk as customised states rather than coded as whole separate talks. Only when individual talks are necessary because of player 2 isn't the main character a separate talks are used. It should be a lot easier to code and we should be able to avoid a lot of those copy-paste errors that we had (and still might have) in SoA.


Talks & quests:

Talk 1: Back on the road again WRITTEN

Talk 2: Ashes to Ashes WRITTEN

Talk 3: Pocket plane WRITTEN

Talk 4: Little Fun

Miniquest 4

Talk 5: Age WRITTEN

Talk 6: Disaster of Saradush WRITTEN / Something else for P2

Talk 7: Retribution-Retrieval

Talk 8: I am the taint / Kit specific For P2

Talk 9: So close the light

Talk 10: The real you

Talk 11: Settling down

Talk 12: The End WRITTEN


Floating talks & quests:

Master Wraith conversation + 1 talk after (P1 only) WRITTEN

Miniquest 5

Friendship conflict (male PC): Viconia

Amber gains a new ability


Click talk:

Quest: 2 'Should we do this or that' -cases

More about Amber: Blood War; 'I love you Amber'; Haer'Dalis part2

Compliment Amber: Killing a monster (10 bosses planned so far)

Flirts (new topics): Hug Amber from behind; Class specifics; Whisper sweet nothings; Growl / purr at Amber;

Watch Amber move; Massage


Banters: (WRITTEN) Imoen (4), Haer'Dalis (5), Vic (2), Aerie (2), Valygar (2), Cernd (1), Korgan (1), Jan (1), Edwin (1), Mazzy (1) (Aim: at least from 1 to 2 banters with each NPC)

Interjections: Sarevok, Aesgareth (WK), Volo, Squib, Soldiers in Saradush, Soldiers in Amekhtan, more WK... (more to come)

New items: 5 (and again, some are more useful than others...;))



6 for both romances (3 for each P1 and P2)

2 for friendship

1 for general

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Requests made by users for additional content (SoA/ToB, none of these has been written yet):


Edwina banter.

Comments to strongholds.

More banters between Amber and Imoen if Amber is romancing Charname.

Romance specific options to chapter talks.

Option to say "I love you, Amber".

More monsters whose killing you can compliment Amber.

Circus comments.

Option for PC to comment Salvanas' behaviour.

A talk when Amber gains a special innate ability for first time.

For the joining dialogue: Option to let Amber go without making her angry.

Comment if PC takes advantage of the Drow lust chambers.

Information pins on the entries and exits of Ymmyr's house maps. (To the basement, To the laboratory etc.)

Comment for Yoshimo's betrayal.

Crossmod Content* (at least Fade has been requested by several users)


Did I forget something? :cry:



* Currently Amber has banters written for Auren, Kelsey, Keto, Kivan, Nathaniel and Xan. Plans have been made for Aklon.

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I'm looking forward to Amber ToB, I've been holding off on playing a game with her in it until I could play all the way through to the end. I also appreciate the large number of cross-mod interactions. The only other one that it would be nice to see included (and the same with other authors) is Jon Irenicus from The Longer Road, though contacting that mod's author may be difficult.

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Aw, can't say I'm looking foward to this enough to be satisfied.

Just curious, for the revised SOA mod section (after TOB is done of course ??? ) will there be any cross-mod rommance conflicts included with that planned extra content?


And I have to agree with those who want extra crossmod stuff with Fade, both Amber and Fade seem to have more in common away from their demonic heritages.

Keep up the good work Meira! :p

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Just curious, for the revised SOA mod section (after TOB is done of course ??? ) will there be any cross-mod rommance conflicts included with that planned extra content?

The cross mod material isn't really depending on Amber's versions, as they're released in the crossmod banter pack. At the moment only one 'conflict' with Nathaniel has been written and it should be in the next release of the crossmod banter pack. It would seem natural that at least some sort of romance conflict would be included when I will collaborate with authors of other NPCs that have an interest on male PCs. (Amber's reaction to Weimer's Solaufein is included in Amber's current SoA version, even though the two don't interact directly.)

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