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Auren ToB Update!


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Hey all.



Some of you I'm sure are wondering..where the heck is Auren ToB? Is it being worked on? Is it nearly done?


So, here is a complete up to date progress report. I've got up the Auren ToB Beta Testing room. For those of you who showed interest in beta testing Auren ToB, you should be able to see the forum (though it hasn't been fully set up yet). If you showed interest but you can't see it, then I probably forgot or deleted your PM by accident (sorry!!). Just let me know if I did and I'll get you permission to see it.


To be completed:


Auren's Quest:

-must decide on decent XP awarded (This, I think can only be decided by actually doing the quest and seeing for yourself. I am quite terrible when it comes to awarding XP.)

-must fix major bug. this bug prevents the quest from finishing.

-Must adjust text of epilogues for formatting correction


I am eager to get this mod out so anyone who would like to help me in solving these problems would be great. Just let me know and I'll have the beta testing forum open to you.


I am waiting currently for my voicers to get back to me, but I wouldn't be surprised if the mod was released in a no voice version.


Thanks for understanding everyone.



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