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Further Cross-Mod content request

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Hello, I was taking a look at a list of the mod NPCs I like to play and noticed that certain combinations didn't have any cross-mod content with this mod. So, I'll just list a few NPCs here that I'd be happy if one day there appeared some cross-mod banters and dialogues with Kivan and Deheriana.



The Longer Road (Jon Irenicus)




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We actually penned down a number of banters with Theacefes for Auren, and we lost them :cry: One of this days, hopefully, we can get enough heart to get back into it.


I am not sure what Doro's position is on the CBM, she might not want it, but I'll ask.


I never played Keto, so I doubt it's going to happen, as for Tiax, I can ask Kulyok if she is up for getting Kivan to train the squads of archers to speed up the world domination.

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Guest Guest_Ithildur_*

For what it's worth, imo Keto was hands down one of the best NPC mods I've seen from a story/RP as well as production perspective; the fact that she is not anywhere near uber powerful actually was a refreshing change of pace and contributed even more to her charcter depth


cross banter with Keto would be highly recommended/enjoyable, I think.

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Oh, I've heard plenty good things about Keto, and I am sure it is an outstanding mod. But I can only do cross-mod in two cases - I already played the mod and know the character; or the author does the banters with me via YIM. Neither applies to Keto. ???

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