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TIS pack and Weidu

Guest Seifer

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You use tispack.exe to compress your .tis files, and then put the .tiz files in your mod for ditribution. You also include tisunpack.exe, and call that from a .bat at the end of your .tp2 with the AT_INTERACTIVE_INSTALL ~tisunpack.bat~ command.


I think this question should also be here.

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Guest Seifer

The compression element was fine, that was quite esy to grasp. Its the actual BAT content thats throwing me off somewhat. Still, I'll have a look at Hessa and see how that was done.


Cheers Ghrey.

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The contents of the .bat should look like this. The .bat is copied to the main BG folder, and the .tiz and .exe are copied to the override during the regular installation (.tp2).


@echo off
cd override
tisunpack j#*.tiz
del J#*.tiz
del tisunpack.exe
cd ..
view Beregost\Beregost_ReadMe.txt

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There are also some flags you can use to suppress all of the decompression progress messages that tisunpack displays; -h -s -o is what I used. It's been a long time since I used it, though, so I don't remember what each of those flags mean anymore. IIRC you can get a full list of flags by calling tisunpack without arguments from a DOS prompt.

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-s Be silent. Supply twice for really silent.

-h Don't write the 24-byte tis header.

-f Force overwrite of existing output file.

-d Dither 24-bit tiles.

-o outfile.tis Select output file. The default is <infile>.tis.

-e Do not halt on errors.

-V Print version number and exit


Don't use -h unless you are planning to add the tileset to a biff. Tilesets in the override require a header those in the biffs do not.

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Sorry but I don't understand "how" I can use tis pack. Shall I use a code in TP2 ? Or maybe I must using a specific software ? When I click on the exe I haven't any results... And I would like to create a tiz files however I didn't succeed to do. I would really apreciate your help. Thanks in advance.


(The) StrongArmand

Not also strong than expected.

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