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Thanks to our multiple authors who made this possible! :) (The new component, Date Night, has a pretty sweet encounter with Anomen, by the way, courtesy of SisterVigilante). Glad the mod installs for you now!

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Hello, two questions:

1. Is there any content planned involving the new companions from EE, meaning that they are going to get reactions to the encounters like Aerie and co. do?

2. In the current version, will getting involved with an encounter result in a termination of any running EE romances or anything along those lines?

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2) You can rest easy - EE companions will not react, their romances will stay unchanged.


1) Currently not, no reactions, but I do not mind including those reactions - I would've written them myself, but alas, I haven't played with the companions. But we'd be happy to include more of the good stuff, certainly.

(However, we have a problem with G3 hosting currently, so I can't update RE or any other G3 mods for the time being, alas; that's an issue that makes me less eager to, say, go and play EE and add those reactions).

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Sure, if you got well-written and coded mod dialogue, send it here!


As for ideas, people who write and code usually use their own, I'd say - that's why "NPC Mod Idea" threads usually stay dead and discarded.

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