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Viconia doesn't level up after joining


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I've had this small problem with Viconia:


I've met her as expected in the area S of Beregost. After she joined, I could set her starting proficiencies, but she remained at level 1 with 0 XP - and with 28 HP!!!. My PC was level 3 at the time, and all other party NPCs had leveled up correctly after joining. This was easily corrected by resetting her HP and XP in Shadowkeeper, but I think it should be mentioned as a possible bug.


As far as I can determine, the only other mod I have installed that affects her directly is Divine Remix (it seems both BG1 NPC Project and UB don't touch her). I have installed SCS on EasyTutu, after every other mod but the Spawn Randomizer.


While I'm at it, I'm also looking for a mod that restores her ability to wield maces (wasn't there a mod that removes strength requirements for weapons?). The regular maces need STR 12, so there is the unfortunate situation that Viconia (STR 10) can't use the weapon she has when joining. I can't remember having had this problem with either BG1 or BG2...

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