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SCSII - beta testers sought


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I'm expecting to have a beta version of Sword Coast Stratagems II completed by the end of next week (possibly the middle of the week after that if I get behind). I'd like to do a closed beta test before I release it, so if anyone fancies being a beta tester, that would be very much appreciated.


SCS II is predominantly a tactics / AI mod, very much in the spirit of my TUTU mod Sword Coast Stratagems, but for BG2 (including ToB). It makes a fairly careful effort to play by the rules, and it's quite close to being a "pure AI" mod - that is, most (though not all) of what it does is make creatures use their existing abilities and resources more intelligently. It also has a policy of giving out almost no additional experience and treasure - I want to avoid the trap that AI mods can fall into of actually making the game easier by unbalancing the rewards.


A partial list of components is:


Smarter arcane spellcasters

Smarter divine spellcasters

Smarter general AI

Better calls for help

Potions for NPCs

Improved fiends (baatezu and tanar'ri)

Smarter celestials

Smarter efreeti

Smarter dragons

Smarter beholders

Smarter illithids


Ideally, I'd prefer playtesters who've already played the original SCS and found it to be the right level of difficulty for them. And I'd prefer people who are going to play through the game relatively quickly. (It normally takes me the better part of a year to play right through, but I'd rather not wait that long!)


I'd also rather that people playtesting didn't have any other major tactical-challenge or item-upgrade mods installed. I don't mind Unfinished Business or the Quest Pack, and I don't mind third-party NPCs (providing they don't have crazy stats or powers!)


Anyway, if you're interested, let me know here or by PM.

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Hmm. I just got a BG2 game underway, trying out Tactics and Ascension for the first time... and I'm using three hacked characters that do cause crashes from time to time. So it's probably best that I wait for a game where I can be sure it's not the characters that are causing any problems I may be seeing.


I'm very keen to try out SCS II though. Too bad I'm playing with some offbeat SKed characters right now!

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Hmmm...with Salk as a beta tester, do you need anyone else? ???


Nevertheless, I'm interested! But I honestly am not sure how fast I'd be able to play through the game. Also, I'd be happy to help with proofreading, but I doubt you need any...

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