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Bless, Aid and Chant

Guest frabjous

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I'm still a bit unclear from the thread, but do bless, chant, aid, or luck actually affect thieving skill rolls?


They don't.

Thanks, I'll strike the references.


Don't forget to change the range and area of effect in the text block as well. 50' cube - let's all go get some graph paper now :)

Cheers, fixed as well.


To the archives.

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For Luck, could you either add both the missing save bonus and the missing skill bonus, or add neither and change the text, but not one of each?


[/irritating fussbudgetry]

My issue is that we really can't live up to the 5% bonus to skills, of which thieving skills is one example. We could add the thieving bonuses, but as a player I also think that 5% would also affect my chances to scribe scrolls, get two creatures from Animate Dead, improve my wild surge rolls, turn undead, etc. We really can't provide any of these, so it'd still be an inaccurate description.

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