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Cleric Concepts


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I just wanted to show these three cleric concepts which keep surfacing up and again. My favorite between them is the Talos' one, but by the obvious reasons the dwarven character is what is missing. ANyway, that's what I have:




Ulo (Dwarf, male, TN): It is unknown what quarrel Thorogrim of Clan Battlehammer had with Bruenor Battlehammer, but when the clan settled in the Icewinddale, Thorogrim opened a smithy on the outskirts of Eastheaven, seemingly cutting off all connections to his clan. In a number of years, the dour smith closed up his business and wandered away. He returned in a few years, bringing with him a wife, Jorun. The couple settled in Eastheaven, and raised their three children: twin boys Ulo and Ulf, and a young girl, Therla to work in the smithy. Ulo, however, took more interest in war-hammers and swords than in horseshoes and fishhooks. As an adolescent he grew close with the Eastheaven’s priest of Tempus, Everard, and since the smithy had more than enough dwarves to handle the orders, he become the man’s acolyte. After a few years of apprenticeship in the temple, Ulo packed up and joined a caravan going out of the Dale to Luskan looking to join some military campaign and cover himself with glory in the name of his deity. But after only a few months in Luskan the word came of the troubles in the Dale, and Ulo went back. Ulo is wide and stocky, red-bearded, dark eyed.




Squall or Molnea (Tiefling, female, CE, possible MC to a rogue at higher levels): A few years back, a priest of Talos found a wide-eyed, mute creature in the snow, while traveling from Luskan to Targos. It was not long till she regained the gift of speech, however, issuing forth an enraged shriek and attacking her savior. The priest was able to cast a hold spell, and was fascinated by the strength of the foundling's rage. He managed to tell the creature about Talos, and the furious maiden was welcomed as an acolyte to a hidden temple. You gather that the secret temple where she apprenticed was destroyed during a conflict with the Shadoweirs of Mielikki who perceived the temple as a threat to an ancient grove due to severe and unnatural lightening storms the Talos priests attracted to the area. Squall/Molnea is a creature that exists in the constant state of ecstasy and anger. Her coloring is extremely pale, monochrome silvery-grey for everything: hair, skin, mouth, eyes etc, and she is in a perpetual motion.




Fayna (Human, Female, NE) Fayna was born in the crooked alleyways in the Luskan Docks. One of many children in a family of a dockhand and a washer woman, Fayna started earning her bread early as a barmaid in one of the ghastly taverns. For a while she dreamed no farther than to avoid the beatings, pinch what coins she could and eventually own the tavern. However, a chanced visit by three Hosttower mages changed her aspirations. What shady dealings brought the mages there is unknown, but Fayna was stricken by their sophistication and enchanted by the bits and pieces of their conversation about Waterdevian wonders. That’s why one of the merchant ships was charged with carrying a little stove-away in its hold. After arriving to Waterdeep, Fayna dove into the familiar world of the harbor life. She lucked out to be hired by an old fence to help him in his dealing with the smuggled and stolen goods. Fayna proved herself a talented dealer, and in a few years came to run not only the old man's fencing enterprise, but also a chain of safe houses, and a shrine to Mask. However elevated her position in the Underworld was, Fayna craved something different. She amused the whole Guild by spending most of her savings to make a noble but impoverished, childless family to acknowledge her as a ‘relative from the province’ and an heir to their ‘fortune’. What Fayne didn’t tell anyone, was that she was not a stary-eyed upstart, but had a perfect plan to part the richest families of Waterdeep from their gold. Unfortunately, her aristocratic ‘relations’ went through her funds at too fast a pace before the plan could be set into motion. After comissioning the disposal of the luckless couple, Fayna was afraid to draw again on her old connections, least her past be revealed. The brewing troubles in the North sounded promising, so she set out for her hometown in hopes of making money in the murky watres of a war while keeping her reputation spotless.

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I like the dwarf concept, he seems interesting, and the Talosian sounds fascinating, really unpredictable, adding chaos to the game :p

My only concern is, Fanya may be a bit too much like Salomeya, but the reputation thing is very interesting.


I'll definitely include them in my game, if they are released :) . But I really don't want to do the horrible Ice Temple again ???

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My only concern is, Fanya may be a bit too much like Salomeya, but the reputation thing is very interesting.


She'd be quite different. Where Salomeya is a large mouth, Fayna is cold, artistocratic and speaks little of what is on her mind. I know that such characters are difficult to do in the game environment, but that's the concept. ???


Anyway, I dunno what if any will come out of it, heh, just wanted to share some stuff.

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I'd actually take along both Ulo -and- Squall/Molnea in a game to make it interesting, but I like the sound of Ulo better.


By the way, I wasn't able to to much testing since alpha 18 was released. I've been really busy with a ton of things, and I haven't even been to the palisade yet.

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