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Tsujatha Mod Released v1.1

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That would be here for anyone who doesn't know :suspect:


I haven't downloaded it (yet) but i've poked around the forums and the readme. I have two comments in regards to the readme...


This is kind of a general gripe, but something that keeps bugging me about some mods are the content warnings. They're always so vague! When i'm told that mods have "risque" or "possibly objectionable" content I don't know whether to expect mild to moderate groping or... other things. :) I'm not as strict as some but I do like to keep things reasonably classy, and though i'm fairly sure most mods wouldn't be rated XXX, i'd like to know how far past "R" we're going. (That is in American terms. Not sure what they use elsewhere!)


On a lighter note, I quite like Lord Byron's "She Walks in Beauty." I actually considered suggesting it for some mod or another once...

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Thanks for clearing that up; now if only others would do the same. :suspect:


[ramble] It's just that words like "risque" are so subjective that they really don't set up any expectations. I suppose the warnings are mostly for people living at home with their parents or younger siblings and what not that should steer clear of anything even approaching an "R" rating.


I'd say for example that the flirt packs are a little beyond R in some cases but in those cases they do seem to approach it somewhat subtly or at least humorously. Sometimes (if not most of the time) it's all in the approach.


In anycase, i'm not easily offended but I don't like things to just all of a sudden be blatantly in my face, if that makes sense. So I just like to know what i'm getting into. [/ramble]


Thus ends my long, disjointed explanation on content warnings. :) Congrats on the finished mod. I plan to implement it in my next game. :D

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[bad joke] well, one problem I see with the warnings that they are so geared towards warning people of the mentionings of bodily parts in love and war. While what a reader might consider in bad taste extends far beyond sweating breasts or spilled entrails. I mean, nobody will take me seriously if I ask for "strong mush" warning with occasional "teary evil villain" accompanied by "it was not his fault" plot, with "bashing characters author never-ever liked via original character" now will they? [/end bad joke]

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I dunno. Maybe it's just me, but I found the "warning label" for Flirt Packs to be sufficient. I know I've said it elsewhere, as have others, but whoa, that rose flirt... *still has to fan self* :suspect:


And as for Kelsey, well, there's the flirt in ToB that has to do with his robe...


Anyway, my point in all this is that the warnings are there, the problem is the readme and getting people to read it.

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I actually thought your warnings were more than sufficient JCompton. Frankly, I look at it this way. If there is something beyond what you can find in BG II, then it really necessitates a warning.


However, when the game allows someone to sleep with prostitutes, and has an...emblem...for the whorehouse that looks like a penis between two breasts when you click on it, then there is a lot of room to play around in, and the flirt packs definitely didn't go overboard.


That's why if they do feel the need for warnings, you can say, "There are some lewd jokes," for example, and leave it up to that.

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