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Coran won't stop talking to me!

Guest caraniente

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Guest caraniente

I've tried searching this on the forum but no joy - I'm in cloakwood, 2nd area, didn't pick up Coran till the 1st, and now I seem to have a weird repetitive talking bug where his conversation options fire every 5 seconds - and when they don';t come up he still seems to be responding. It only happens when I hit the spiders nest and I've tried reloaded and earlier save - still triggers at the sme point. I can't shut him up and thinking I'm going to have to ditch him and pick him up again after!

I seem to have run across every other known issue so far too so maybe I've just run afoul of the bug gods this week ???

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Please send a zipped up copy of your WeiDU.log and a savegame with the behavior, and I will test it out and see if it fixes it ???


svowles at comcast dot net


Then, if it does, I will send you back a copy of the latest internal version.

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Guest caraniente

Ahhh I seem to have gotten round it by dtiching him from the party and only picking him up again when I headed to the wyvern area. Bit mad though. I meant to keep the earlier save but I'm an idiot (and it was 3am) and I saved over it ???

Brilliant banter though my housemates keep wondering why I'm sat in my room laughing!

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Oh, that always happens, and most inconvenient. The player hits a snag, saves, finds a work-around, plays on, and overwrites the old save. Entirely logical, from a player point-of-view, but not the best way to ensure that other players don't run into the same problem later.


I'm not blaming the player! It isn't the player's job to keep track of all those silly things! Still, the Coran wyvern timer is a pain in the left butt cheek, and I would really like to be a millionaire, that I didn't have to maintain a job while trying out all the possibilities on that quest.Still, I think it's fixed. Time will tell, guess.

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Hi there


Well, I got the exact same bug. And after

- replaying (nearly) since I invited Coran for the first time,

- killing and ressurecting,

- removing him from my party and reinviting


all didn't help I'm now quite desperate for help or a little workaround which would enable me to keep Coran in party. (Because I'm romancing him right now) ;)


If you'd still like to look into it, I'd gladly provide the files you mentioned. (With saves available

- right after inviting Coran

- right before the bug turns up

- with buggy Coran



Well, anyway, thanks for the awesome work which managed to prove again that sleeping is nothing but an unnecessary luxury. ;)


lg argos

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Oh, the bug is fixed, but it's in the latest version, which won't be available until tomorrow. In any case, the workaround is still the same, if playing with the old version.


I can almost guarantee that you won't be able to use old saves with the new version, unfortunately, because there are an awful lot of scripting changes between beta 3 and beta 4 (current build).

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bad news then :<


I've realized I've no save right before I invited coran(which, when I dump him and reinvite after killing the wyrms results again in the bug) and and the one before this ages old(as I usually save only before leaving every bigger village and happended to travel from nashkell till candlekeep along the cost)


There's no "simple" way, to fix this, say modify a certain variable with shadowkeeper? ;)


Seems as though I have to do without Coran this time.

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Mmm. How about killing him via CTRL-Y, then killing a big wyvern, then taking the wyvern's head into your inventory, then reviving Coran, then force-talking him a few times?


Or you could register, so we could send you the link to the latest beta. Not sure if it helps in your case, but anything goes.


(Between you and me, I do NOT recommend anyone to install a new version and still continue with their saved game, but I do it all the time, and I haven't had any trouble with it).

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yay I managed to register...


well, your workaround didn't work either. As soon as I get the wyvernhead and Coran is in my party(regardless whether he was alive/in party at the killing time) he starts bugging.


I'll probably just remove him from my party

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