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How do I continue?


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Ok so about the Dyna romance, I met drizzt without Dyna or minsc in the party and I helped him out, I'm not entirely sure what I said but I did not insult him or anything.


He gave me a strange torn piece of paper and then I continued on my way, So anyway I pick up Dyna whom i left at the friendly arm in (I think i went through 3 lovetalks) then we went back to drizzt who was there but he dosnt do anything...all he does is go up to me and thats it...follows me (while playing his audio.)


I read somewhere about the good gnolls, I either already talked or I jus can;t find them cause I searched high and low.


any ideas?

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Let me take a look (I may have an answer tomorrow). If he gave you the paper because you didn't have Dy in the party, and then you returned, perhaps I missed something - he should talk to you folks immediately (especially Dynaheir) and offer to help find the rest of the journal. That triggers the quest. Let me see if I missed something (I know I tested this path, but perhaps I didn't merge the code into the final copy...)

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OK, I see what i did - i didn't update one global.


Try this:





That probably should have read

Global("X#DynaJournalNoDy","GLOBAL",3)... I will update the mod accordingly. I must have missed the merge. I will go back through, but at that point everything looks ok ???


If that works, Drizzt will do his bit. What happens next is a matter of conjecture. Save your game before doing this. You might hit a loop where Drizzt keeps coming back. If that happens, try again;


this time first disable his coming up to you by putting in









then going up to him and talking to him.


Either way, you know you got it right if he says


Dzt: @23 = ~Well met, my friend. I see you have found a Hathran scholar?~


Dy: @18 = ~I have the solution to thy puzzle, good elf. This page was torn from mine journal. I was a captive of gnolls for a time, and they have stolen it from me. Hast thou found but one page?~



I will update the mod and get a new internal up Monday morning :p

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