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Will pay you to write soundsets!


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I am looking to pay one or more writers to come up with PC soundsets for The Broken Hourglass. $30 each, payable either by check drawn on US funds, or PayPal.


Our PC soundsets are similar but not identical to Infinity soundsets--our events are slightly different, we have more of them, and we can have any number of lines per event (and customized rarity, too.) You will have guideline targets for each category, and no soundset should exceed 80 lines.


We are looking for interesting character personalities, and by "interesting" I specifically mean I don't want to see Whedonesque smug glib quip-spewers. (Maybe one. Maybe.) The protagonist is a man or woman without a home or family, in a desperate situation, leading a heavily improvised band of vigilantes, criminals, entertainers, and would-be do-gooders. Most protagonist PC types are not "career adventurers" in the "Let's do this, quick and painful!" model but people thrust into a difficult circumstance with no way out but through.




- I want them soon. Like, by this time next week. Sooner is even better.


- They should include a few sentences of guidance for a voice actor ("This gravelly-voiced character should sound very barbed, but with a hidden gentleness underneath that comes out in lines X, Y, and Z" or "This young woman should be overconfident to the point of serious distraction, projecting every line from the diaphragm like she's addressing 10,000 troops", etc. Avoid "This character is like Imoen, if she had a thick Icelandic accent" or other BG2 references because the actors are not BG2-literate. Mainstream pop-culture soundalike references are okay, but try not to rely on them.)


- Volume is a plus. I would rather have one person write six than six people write one.


- Your status as an EFL or indistinguishable ESL is a major plus plus plus. I don't want to edit these for grammar, I want to get them to the actors very quickly.


If you're interested, PM or e-mail me with a couple of character concepts consisting of, let's say, 6-10 lines each (feel free to use Infinity soundset events as guides, they're basically all applicable), and your earnest bid as to how many you can complete by end-of-day Friday the 10th. We will select 12-14 total.

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