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Recently, it's come to my attention that other modders might or might not want to use Gavin variables in their mods. I would rather state my preferences now than risk misunderstanding later.


I can't make global policy statements, because this sort of thing is situation dependent, but here are a few blanket permissions.

  • It is always all right to use a mutual romance kill in the case of a romance becoming committed. If you are writing a romance and wish to include a romance kill in the script, I'm perfectly amenable to the following scenario:
    Gavin's romance becomes committed, MyNPC romance becomes inactive. *And* MyNPC romance becomes committed, Gavin's romance becomes inactive. It must be a mutual romance kill to be covered by this clause.
    Gavin's romance variables follow.
    Committed Gavin romance: B!GavinRomanceActive = 2
    Broken Gavin romance: B!GavinRomanceActive = 3
    Gavin's DV = B!GAVIN
    Gavin's script = B!GAVIN.bcs
    Please note that you may not disable Gavin's romance if yours becomes committed unless you plan to disable yours if Gavin's does. And vice versa. Or we can make arrangements otherwise.
  • It's perfectly all right to include a check for Gavn's romance if you're planing on having some kind of generic multi-romance script running. If you plan to include all possible romances, I have no objection to checking for either an uncommitted romance, B!GavinRomanceActive = 1, or a committed Gavin romance, but if you plan to name him, or tailor the conversation to reflect an active or inactive Gavin romance, I would expect to hear about it first. I do object to singling Gavin out.
    In other words, Gavin's romance has a concurrency counter, where he makes note of all active romances and comments if the PC receives too much attention from other men. This doesn't single out any other romance, so it's all right. If another modder wanted to comment specifically on Gavin's relationship with the PC, I'd want to know about it.
  • It's OK to disable specific talks *in your own mod* based on the presence of an active Gavin romance. If MyNPC would hit on the PC, but you feel that he would abstain if the PC were involved with Gavin, that's fine. It is not all right to enable specific talks based on the presence of an active Gavin romance. If you wanted MyNPC to comment on the PC's relationship with Gavin, or in any other case where Gavin's name is mentioned, I want to hear about it.
  • For the writers of quest mods, I don't have any objections to checks for InParty("B!GAVIN") if you're looking for a cleric in the party, or a good character, or whatever. But if you plan to have him say anything, I'd expect to be advised about it, and might offer suggestions.

This list just covers some of the more basic areas, and those where I'm perfectly happy giving an unqualified go-ahead. If you want to do something that isn't on the list, or if you want romance conflicts or cross-mod banter, please feel free to send me a PM or an email. I'm always happy to help make sure that cross-mod material is mutually beneficial to both mods.

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