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EasyTutu Combat Sounds


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Nope! EAX is one of those things that really works only if you have a legacy soundcard and dirvers. It is Creative Labs enhancements of positional sound, and altering sound effects to match certain flagged environments.


If you have The BG1 NPC Music Pack installed, it is also often fine just to turn the Music slider all the way down to 0, too. The ambient sounds are ok, and with the music down the BG1 NPC Music Pack (which does not actually use the music slilder, it is implemented differently) will provide soundtrack for the talks. If you have Music turned up, you get both sounds at the same time, which is ok for some folks and a pain for others, depending on what you like.




Oh - and even with the best systems, there are slowdowns in areas like The Gnoll Fortress, Wyrm's Crossing, etc. where there are lots of ambient sounds. It is an engine issue, not a system issue - if you start getting odd halting behavior, try temporarily turning down ambient sound to 0. It works for me, anyways - I just turn it back up and play along when I have left the area. Some folks never experience this, others have huge problems with it .

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Good to know.

I do have the BG1 NPC Music Pack installed. I also always play with music off on all games I play. I try to play games RP style, and I don't recall hearing mood music in my everyday RL. ???

Having said that, I do like the fact that the NPC music does play even though the music slider is all the way off.


I'll make sure I note the possible slowdowns in the areas you mention. Interesting, this is not the only game that has audio related engine bugs. Morrowind has a bug where if you move the slider for the music to the off position, you can get a strange mouse lag with the video.



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