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Idle Hands in Imnesvale issue


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Ages and ages and ages ago (as in, my very run through SoA, before ToB was even released), this quest worked properly. I then refused to buy those kids swords, or refused to buy them anything at all for many, many games. Sometime in the interrim, they've stopped recognizing bastard swords, either collected while adventuring or bought in town. They'll unfailingly take the ale, whether purchased or swiped from the Shadow Thief guild. I've tried giving them swords in a few different games now, and it never works. But I'm positive it used to work and there was an outcome involving fighting a gibberling in the cave instead of finding the boys passed out drunk.


Couldn't find any mention of this quest in any of the fix forums, so here it is. Thanks, all.

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We've only made one change here, and that was to correct the kids taking one bastard sword instead of three (no triggers were changed). Keep in mind that you can only bring the kids swords and ale if you agree to do it when you first speak with them.

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