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Typos for version 1(formerly: Talak)


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You could send a summary of the changes without forwarding the PM, if you were concerned about sharing of personal information. I recall a post on the PPG thread where I was assured that changes would need approval by the writer. I would not have participated were this not the case.


In fact, I rather insisted that I retain editorial control over my own entries, with regards to content. After all, if it were just a comma or typo, you'd have said as much. If I drop dead, change what you want, but I'm still here, only a PM away.

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Definitely, and last time I looked, Lord Logan Coprith was done by Ajnos, not berelinde.


Oops! Title threw me. In that case, never mind. I certainly don't need to see any changes to Logan!


Moral of this story: drink at least 2 cups of coffee before turning on the computer.

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typo for High Merchant Logan Coprith,


(during the friendlier conversation path)

High Merchant Logan Coprith - (Logan swirls the remaining wine in his glass before finishing it in one swallow. Then he lifts the bottle, clearly intending to offer it to you before he fills his own glass again. He smiles easily, far more at ease than you have ever seen him, his usual formality is gone, and his eyes attentive and kind.)

'eyes are attentive'.

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@Olorin: Welcome to PPG... er, G3! :) This particular typo has been corrected, though.


@KIrving: I have seen this, too, but I am not sure this is a typo. English is my second language, though. "eyes attentive and kind" - it's like "his formality gone" - I think it works. If Ajnos says otherwise, though, I'll be happy to correct it.



And thank you once again, everyone.

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I agree. Any change to "his eyes attentive and kind" would be purely stylistic.


I'm curious about the exact wording though (not having been to Trademeet yet to play this encounter myself). As quoted above: "his usual formality is gone, and his eyes attentive and kind." I'd suggest either making it "is gone/eyes are" or dropping the "is." This would keep the phrasing consistent within the sentence.

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