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Dialog Errors?


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I'm having little problems with dialogs in BG1EasyTutu with the BG1 NPC Project. I have the internal v4 loaded and BG-TotSC & BG2-ToB.


I'm a noob at this so bear with me. I'd like to be able to provide good feedback.


Am noting oddities in dialog. Dialogs are difficult to follow in that I can't tell who is speaking, or sometimes it seems as though the NPC is speaking the wrong lines.


I have done the "your voice sounds funny...." thing. NPC *coughs*. Doesn't seem to have made any difference. Some dialogs work well, really well, and quite funny and well written. Dialog between Immy and Montaran on bleeding squirrels, and between Khalid and Montaran on tactics, funny.


Dialog between the dwarf(?) in the Dancing Juggler(?) in Beregost reagarding a stolen sword. The dwarf commented on short jokes, before the joke was made. The NPC then made the joke later. Dialog was difficult to follow as order was random and appeared to be assigned to the wrong NPCs.


Is there a fix for this? Have I done something wrong?


I ran a search on this any didn't come up with anything. Pardon if it has been addressed.



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The halfling in the Red Sheaf, Purdue, will complain about short jokes in the vanilla game. The short jokes in the banter are completely unrelated, or at least that's what I think you're talking about.


But I can take a look at that encounter.

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Humm. Ok. I guess what I'm noticing is that people tend to butt in. Primarily Immy. But if that's what's supposed to be happening, then I'll just need to pay closer attention to the conversation thread.


In this case, the PC went over to talk to the dwarf, and I think Immy cut in and said something, seemed to cause a bit of a conversational flow problem. Not a huge issue, but made the conversations seem somewhat odd.


Funny, I could be complaining about exactly what the mod is intended to do, and something that I would be happy with, more realism.


Go figure. ???



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I'm afraid so, yes, that's interjections. I could reassure you on the account of Imoen, though: as the game progresses, she becomes increasingly more silent. In fact, after Nashkel, you'll barely hear from her.


(Don't forget to visit the Elfsong in Baldur's Gate, though, if you have Imoen. ??? There's a lovely little scene there.)

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Ah yes, who could forget that scene. Mind you I won't spoil it here.

Just curious, I've heard that there is music implemented within this project.

I've tried a number of solutions yet I still hear nothing, any help would be really appreciated.

I'm using the normal BGtutu rather than the EasyBG1Tutu though, is this a possible reason?

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