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Anyway... could you please tell me what changed from v14 to v15?? That'll be GREAT help!!! :thumbsup:

I can tell you what changed from v14 to v15.


There two new files: x#ict3.tra and x#kiint_new.tra.


In the following files, new lines are given TRA references in the 1000's and 2000's to differentiate them from material that was already submitted for translation. Unfortunately, they couldn't be put in a new file because of the structure of the interjections, but I did try to make them as obvious as possible by placing them at the end of the file and giving them easily spotted reference numbers.




























Just so you don't faint when you see that list, I'd like to point out that there are usually less than a dozen new lines per file.

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Yeah, sorry about that! It took me the better part of seven weeks to build that file, so I can sympathize with you.


But there is a way you might be able to speed things up on x#ict3.tra. Most of the lines, with very few exceptions, came from somewhere else. If it were possible, I would have been more than happy to include the original line references as comments after the individual TRA lines, but that made weidu unhappy.


If you wanted to work in a text editor like Crimson Editor, you could do a search for each line. Search > Find in Files; Find what: ~string~; File type: *.*; Files: path to BG1 NPC tra, whatever that winds up being on your installation; Tick off these checkboxes: Match whole word only, Match case, Look in subfolders. That way, you could see if you already translated that line. I don't know if it would be faster than just translating the line, though.

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Guest Guest

Oh... I may try and do that then. If they all come from other files... then it also means those lines are repeated in both files?


Also. A friend who is translating tiaxquest found this strange lines:


@323 = ~You have been warned, Tiax. This had better be worth your life.~ ~SetGlobal("X#TiaxQuestCyric","GLOBAL",2)~

@324 = ~Can you keep quiet for one second, at least!? My god, you're annoying.~ ~SetGlobal("X#TiaxQuestCyric","GLOBAL",2)~


That code is in the "female line" part of the string... I fear that if we leave it like that, a bunch of code will appear if the player is female. :/

So, is that correct? Should we leave it as it is?



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Definitely an old Auto-tra reference - delete both of those .tra




references completely, please. On an english dialog.tlk they will never show up, but on a vive les differences language, as you said...


Immortality, I am in and out here and there; PM me and we can take a look at how to make sure you have moved everything you need up to v14, then we can dive into the v15 changes with you.

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Okay, guys... the last 2 files are being translated... all the rest of the 128 (thats 126 :D) are translated, proofread and fix0red... and therefore updated to v15.


If you release a new version before you implement this translations... ILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!! hehehe


Thx!!!! :(

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Immortality, any word? I am pretty much just waiting for those .tras, and we are ready to release. Folks want things wrapped by Sunday evening, so if you can send me those files I can make sure we don't have a v16 one week and a v17 the next...

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No problem. We are shipping v16, but don't worry - absolutely *no* .tra changes that would have any effect on translations. A comma or two, nothing major. And for a new translation that has taken this much time nd energy, I will gladly release again as quickly as it is tested!

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...less than 200 lines left... bear with us... :blush: Tomorrow (or maybe today *crosses fingers*) ill be sending that "monster" :crazyeyes:








ALL DONE AND SENT!!!!!!!!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111


I wanna thank all the many translators and proofreaders for this project who did such a wonderful job! :groucho:

Also, I wanna thank the authors, even though they gave us enough work to cry blood :p ;D

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Way cool, Immortality - you folks are installing it and doublechecking the strings in NI or DLTCEP, right? I could try if it were in French, but it probably is better for a native speaker to just make sure everything works right.

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