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(... on the other hand, I should have really chosen a different name for the topic. But it *is* Romantic Encounters, after all.)


I'd like to tell you about Romantic Encounters from the technical standpoint, a little.


We have forty encounters. *That's* a lot of stuff. Some of them are with joinable NPCs, who have romances, banters, quests and other stuff added. Some of them are with the Shadow Thieves - the characters who invariably attract attention of quest and NPC modders.


So, what did we do to ensure our mod will work with others as smoothly and efficiently as possible:


- we always use a prefix. All our variables are RE-prefixed, and we never use yours. This also means that we don't set mod romances to 1,2,3 or anything else. Honest. ??? That's your job.


- we do not touch, edit or delete Bioware dialogue. If a reply was there, it is there.


- if we add a branch to existing dialogue, we loop(or, rather, COPY_TRANS) back whenever possible.


- we patch and append, not overwrite. If some other mod added to Aran and Edwin, we add a little more - we do not write over the other mod's content.


(We do add a general script to Ribald - tell us if you're planning to use it, and need cooperation).


Modders: if you think you could face potential problems with any and all Romantic Encounters components in your released mod, please, tell us, and we'll do our best to work something out.


Players: please, report any and all issues you encounter, we are always happy to hear from you. Your Weidu.log file from your Baldur's Gate II directory is also very welcome: you could open it with Notepad, and copy-paste the contents in your post. Thank you!


I'll add something else later, if I think of it - but so far, that's it. Enjoy Romantic Encounters!

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On the whole, I've been very impressed with how smoothly everything is running. Some mods I've played in the past have introduced a lot of problems involving rest-triggered dialogues/events and dreams, but the RE sequences have all worked really well, even when two events fired in one night (um... whoopsie) and the PC had a dream *and* Jaheira woke up screaming.

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Heheheh. ??? Yes, I suppose PC can be kept very busy - especially since she can ask for Hendak's services at any given time. (Now, imagine if Anomen or Kelsey decided it was time for THAT lovetalk, too...) Thanks for sharing!

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(Now, imagine if Anomen or Kelsey decided it was time for THAT lovetalk, too...)
"<CHARNAME>, please, can we talk? I have an important private matter I want to talk with you about..." - "Please, Anomen, can't you see I am busy?" *snort* *giggle* ???
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Guest Liriodendron

I was playing with a thief PC, and I noticed that when finishing up the Mae'var quest to start my stronghold I didn't get any dialogue options to flirt with Renal Bloodscalp. But, when I reloaded and refused the thief stronghold, then I got the flirt option. I think it was because Renal's dialogue branched off if I accepted the stronghold so that the RE dialogue never came up.

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I think we set that up so that people who did or didn't accept the stronghold would have the opportunity to get to know Renal a little better. That was a pain, because there were four different routes a person could take through the conversation.


In the case of the PC who accepts the stronghold, you have to talk to him a second time, after you've already accepted the stronhold, IIRC. He sends you away, to talk to that agent in the guildhall (don't remember the name). If you talk to him a second time, you can make a suggestion.

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