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* Creature Conversion

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Okay, I think I've got a creature conversion strategy figured out. It's a bit piece-meal and will need to be extended. I thought I'd start documenting it here. So far it works great of cases where I have some version of a monster already in IWD2 that needs to be tweaked to match the one from IWD1.


There are a lot of ways I can think of for improving this syntax, but I'm just not that excited about hacking a more complex parser at the moment (and I think it'd be better not to do anything until it's necessary):


 ~IWD1.CRE~	< ~IWD2.CRE~ 
		   // Set scripting "death" variables
		   SET_VAR2 (~VAR2~);
		   SET_VAR3 (~VAR3~);
		   // Set animation
		   // Set enemy/ally.  Useful if you're starting with a summon:
		   //	   use 255 for enemy
		   // Set colors.  Someone told me these just change console text color in IWD2:
		   SET_COLOR(metal, minor, major, skin, leather, armor, hair)
		   // Remove all items (causal):
		   // Add and equip IWD2 item.  Slot is one of:
		   //	 HELMET
		   //	 ARMOR
		   //	 GAUNTLETS
		   //	 L_RING
		   //	 R_RING
		   //	 AMULET
		   //	 BELT
		   //	 BOOTS
		   //	 WEAPON1
		   //	 SHIELD1
		   //	 WEAPON2
		   //	 SHIELD2
		   //	 WEAPON3
		   //	 SHIELD3
		   //	 WEAPON4
		   //	 SHIELD4
		   //	 CLOAK
		   //	 QUIVER1
		   //	 QUIVER2
		   //	 QUIVER3
		   //	 QUICK_ITEM1
		   //	 QUICK_ITEM2
		   //	 QUICK_ITEM3
		   //	 INVENTORY
		   ADD_AND_EQUIP_TARGET (~IWD2.ITM~, ~SLOT~, qc1, qc2, qc3, flags); 
		   // Add and equip (converted) IWD1 item:
		   ADD_AND_EQUIP_SOURCE (~SKEL_M1.ITM~, ~WEAPON2~, 0, 0, 0, 0);
		   // Set XP, I'm not sure this has any meaning in IWD2
		   SET_XP(15, 1); 
		   // Set HP
		   SET_HP(curr, max); 
		   // Set challenge rating
		   // Set armor class:
		   SET_AC(ac, bludgeoning_mod, missile_mod, piercing_mod, slashing_mod); 
		   // Set attributes
		   SET_ATTR(str, int, wis, dex, con, chr); 
		   // Set base-attack-bonus and # of attacks
		   SET_BAB(bab, num_attacks); 
		   // Set saving throws:
		   SET_SAVES(fort_save, reflex_save, will_save); 
		   // Set luck, this is typically 0, negative when the party is going to need
		   // help (early on), or positive for a really though boss
		   // Set class levels
		   SET_LEVELS(barb, bard, cleric, druid, fighter, monk, paladin, ranger, rogue, sorc, wiz)
		   // Set resistances
		   SET_RES(fire, cold, elec, acid, spell, magic_fire, magic_cold, 
				   slashing, bludgeoning, piercing, missile, magic_damage);
		   // Boolean feats.  This needs work, right now you have to caclulate your
		   // own bit-field logical or-ing
		   SET_FEATS_FLAGS(flags1, flags2, flags3);
		   // Incremental feats.  This is also a pain because of the number of params:
		   SET_FEATS(bow, xbow, missile, axe, mace, flail, polearm, hammer, quarter_staff,
					 large_sword, blade, toughness, armored_arcana, cleave, armor, 
					 spell_focus_enchantment, spell_focus_evocation, spell_focus_necromancy,
					 spell_focus_transmutation, spell_penetration, extra_rage, extra_shape_shift,
					 extra_smite, extra_turning, bastard_sword);
		// Make sure last item doesn't end in ";" (I know this is bogus)
~IWD1.variable_of_cre~	 [ ~Ghast~ ]

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I'm thinking this should really be template based, that is you could specify a template like "townperson" "level3ftr" or something which would set basics (levels, feats, classes, attributes) and then you could overload specific values. The other thing would be to leave something subject to automatic conversion from the original IWD1 resource (scripts etc). I'll have to look into this some more.

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