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TBG: Releases and Updates


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The one year anniversary of the TeamBG revival recently occured! As part of the belated ongoing celebrations, we're starting to pick things up again. The first part of this is action is therefore a news summary:


TeamBG is pleased to welcome plainab as a hosted modder, hosting the intTweaks and Party Script mods. intTweaks (interactive Tweaks) is a small tweak pack, focusing on provider the player with maximum customisability at installation time. In a similar vein the Party Script mod uses installation-time feedback from the player to create a custom AI script for the party. Visit plainab's forum for more information.


plainab is the first modder to take advantage of our new hosting offer, which we are also rolling out to our other hosted modders yarpen and MajorTomSawyer. We'll be listing the complete details of the hosting offer soon.


iiProjectileRetrieval and iiSpellSystemAdjustment have both received recent bug-fix updates. iiTweak also receives an update, with 6 new components, bringing the total to 27. Check out the igi's mods forum for details.


There will be more news and releases over the coming days and weeks, which are pretty exciting, so stay tuned.

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