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Translation troubles


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Hello everyone.


I've started polish translation of SCSII and I have got trouble with these description's fixing (Spellstrike, Protection from Magic scroll etc.). For polish that's not easy to change only one part of text, and I think I should rebuild more than one phrase.


If it's not too big problem for you David, could you change this? And make normal description's edit? It gonna be very helpful for me.





PS. Also, I have found some minor bugs in setup.tra, I will send them later at PM.

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Okay. Then, it gonna be possible for me to don't install these components which edits desc's? (As I remember - mainly Spellstrike affects Protection from Magic).


Your call. You might get a less good play experience but you won't break the game. (I think the components you need to worry about are the Spellstrike one and the Iron Skins one.) Alternatively, just don't translate those lines. Then the mod will fail to find any substitution and will leave the old (slightly inaccurate) Polish descriptions in place.

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