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WeiDU log from Yarpen


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I've didn't installed SCSII yet, because of translation in-progress (but I'm ending - just these troubles which about I wrote in other topic and copying weapon desc's) but I'm thinking about mods to install.


BG2 Fixpack

BG2 Tweak Pack

BG2 Unfinished Business

DEF JAM (50% enemies, 75% quests)


And I was also thinking about:

Learn trough use

Spell system adjustment

Projectile Retrieval

Zyraen Miscellany

Tactics (Improved Bodhi only - I don't remember, it's separate to Imp. Vampires?)

Unique Items


Most of these additional mods are very small - but Learn.. (BETA) edits some areas, then we gonna see how it's workin'. Also it's HARD session, then I will see how that all is reibalanced.

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I think I'd rather say: don't install Learn through use, Spell system adjustment, Projectile Retrieval, Zyraen Miscellany, because I don't know any of them and I'd rather only have mods I vaguely know installed so I understand what problems they might cause. Sorry to be a pain.

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Okay :-) No problem, sir. Mhm. Any other mods possible?

Well, there are the ones that are in the readme. Salk also suggested the following:


Turnabout: add-on to Ascension


- GMinion: better AI for Party monsters


- Improved Horns of Valhalla: just a sensible upgrade


- Rogue Rebalancing: HLAs revisions for Bards and Chosen of Cyric encounter


- Refinements: Revised HLAs and Shapeshifter Fix


- BGT Tweaks: selected components (Deactivate Spawns, Salk's Hooded Rogues&Mages and Salk's P&P Ruleset Corrections)


- Ding0's Tweaks: selected components (Reintroduce Dimension Door, Summoning Cap Removal, PnP Celestial Fury, Kill Cespenar, Visual Ioun Stones, Summons/NPCs set off traps, BG1 Style Summoning Spells)


- Romantic Encounters



all of which should be fine.


Sorry to be annoyingly restrictive! I think SCSII will play nicely with quite a few mods once it's out of beta, but while it's still buggy I want to be able to distinguish the compatibility problems from the bugs!

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