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Bugfixes to download

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Sorry in advance for any and all bugs - it's amazing how, no matter how much you check something yourself, as soon as you distribute it bugs turn up.


Rather than distribute a whole new copy of the mod, I'm just distributing a hotfix. Drop this new SCSII folder into your BG2 directory (so that it overwrites a few files in the existing SCSII folder) and then reinstall the tactics components of the mod.


Just to clarify: the slowness of the priest component, unfortunately, is just because it's doing rather a lot of editing. I might see if I can optimise it a bit, though.



thanks again for the help!




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New (very minor) bugfix, courtesy Salk:


- on certain component choices, the drow in Sendai's enclave weren't spellcasting properly

- djinn weren't getting their improved AI

- Minute Meteors cast by enemies still count as +6, not +2


As a temporary fix, just unzip the attached and drop the (5) files into the override directory.


Edit: now also contains fix for homicidal Alibakkar guards.


Edit: now also reverts civilians to the old Shout scripts (this sorts out Coaster's Belmin issue)


Edit: fixes CTD with Cacofiend spell.

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