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String updates in the core fixes compatible to german version of BG2?


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I'm using the german version of BG2 and (of course ;) ) would like to install your great fixpack.


1. I read in the core fix documentation that some string updates will be done to the .tlk files. Have these updates been translated into german?


There is a german guy (mkracht) who translated the baldurdash textupdate into german and created a Patch called German Text-Patch(GTP). (This patch is mentioned in the german readme of BG2 fixpack)


2. If your answer to 1. was "yes": What will happen if the fixpack tries to update a string that was already fixed by GTP? Any issues?

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Some of the core fixes done separately have translations (I don't know for sure that a german translation currently exists), but the fixpack's game text update is only available in English. If you choose one of the localized options when installing the fixpack, the game text update will not be installed, and only those strings in the core update will be modified (there are only a handful of changes there).

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Thank you for your answer.

But I can't believe that the fixpack will install the core text updates in english into my german .tlk file, if I choose "german" from the localized options! This would be a bug, wouldn't it?


So either the fixpack will skip the core text updates or it will install them by using the right language.


I plan to apply the GTP at first and then install the fixpack.

But this means that if the fixpack installs the core text updates in the right language I still need an answer to question 2.

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Everything in the mod has a full German translation, so you will not be getting English lines in your game. The Game Text Update is English-only, and will not be presented as an option unless you select English as your language during installation.


As for the German GTP--if both mods try to alter the same line, whichever one is installed last will win.

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