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Potn23.itm and Potn25.itm


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I have been wondering often about the real meaning of the two items mentioned in the Topic.


Said that those are cursed items that don't do what they are supposed to, I must ask:


1: Why aren't they treated as all other cursed items? The identified description (mostly for the item potn23) don't give a clue about their real effects. The player has no chance to find out about their true nature untill they are consumed.


2: Is it possible to do something about it modding-wise? It's obvious that we are speaking of a sloppy introduction of cursed items. To avoid an unfair misleading, I guess the best would be to change the identified description of those two potions. The problem in this case would be that some shops would then end up selling unidentified potions. At this, my solution would be to remove completely such potions from the marketplaces.



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The wonders of NI. You have been cursed with a drunken stupor.


1: The items are for tricking people into consuming them, or they may have gone bad over time, hence the identical descriptions with the real deal.


2: No. They are perfectly legit items. They could have gone "bad" like real food stuff does over time or they may be items that someone created to get people ill on purpose.

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thanks for your comments but I completely disagree and miss to see things under your point of view.


What does it mean "they could have gone 'bad' like real food stuff does over time"? ;)


If we use this kind of logic we can almost justify any in-game inconsistency, not to mention that this would apply only to potions of speed and health? No way. While I perfectly realize some aspects of the game must be borne because there are no easy way around, this is a simple matter to put at rest.


Also, of course every cursed item in the game is a (poor) attempt into tricking the player into using it, but the player can always identify an item for cursed. I believe cursed items should all be treated in the same manner.

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BG2 Tweaks has already a component (which I use) "Gems and potions require identification". The problem is that those cursed potions are also for sale so it would not apply to those. That's why I had suggested removing them from stores altogether.


Those two potions should follow the general rule for cursed items and be first unidentified with a generic potion description and, once identified, they should reveal their true nature. Of course it should be possible to drink them unidentified.

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