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Diriel's flirts ideas


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I am still on the fence about Diriel's romance, but I got a few v. funny ideas for the talks (and funny is my king, seeing the other two romances for the PC are not openly humorous) and I am off on a free-writing spree so who knows.... ;) Plus anyway, it could be a good thing to have a few flirts for him if you decided to pick him, so if anyone has anything they can do to Diriel romantically, pls, let me know.

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It's "Oooooh!" and "But what if it'll spoil? No, no, it won't - it mustn't!" all in one.


Let's see - flirt ideas, right? To me Diriel seems dependable, unlike Rizdaer, who is trying to be equal, and Jaemal, who tries to depend, so it's nice to feel a 'wall behind you', so to say. So I'd love to play this side.


I'd really like to take his hand, or to lean on Diriel.


To ask him about his home/childhood more; to ask him about Eldreth Veluuthra. To ask him what he knows and thinks of sensual love.

(By the way, in that Diriel's prayer talk to the Great Mother, there's a DirielRomanceActive=2 check, and one of the options never shows. ;) But I love this option, and the option gave me the idea to ask about it.)


To brush some snow off his hair. To kiss his eyes. To nestle close to him.


To share a knowing look. This one I'd kill for.

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Guest Caradhras

That would be awesome. Diriel is certainly more charismatic than what is CHA score implies. I guess he could fall for another elf (even a Drow given the departing speech with Malavon). I thought he wouldn't fit in my party but even an evil druid has its uses in the North. Now would he fall for a benevolent elf paladin or for a twisted sorceress?


What about Prachi? I'd love for my PC to romance her (especially after the dialogue at the Black Raven monastery when the archimandrite chooses to leave with her lover).


Anyway a really awesome mod with incredible writing!

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By the way, in that Diriel's prayer talk to the Great Mother, there's a DirielRomanceActive=2 check, and one of the options never shows.


'Cause, you know, the romance never got inserted.... I have some stuff like that that does not initiate atm, because the thinggies it had to fit in got cut or whatever. In the beginning I was writing with the understanding that Diriel, Jaemal, Prachi and Salomeya are the romances. It kind of changed.


OMG, the daisy one is priceless! ;)


Now would he fall for a benevolent elf paladin or for a twisted sorceress?


Like all romanceable NPCs he'll be looking at what you are (though being an Elf will be the must) and what you say.


As for Prachi, writing her kills me. I wanted her as a romance option, but she is far, far too difficult.


Okay, everyone, please have fun with it. I am going to wrap up the Beta 2 and get out of here for a couple of weeks. When I come back, have the Flirt Pack ready! ;) Seriously, cheers everyone and the more the merrier. ;)

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Nothing much to do with flirts, but something that hit me about Diriel when I played this mod earlier and got to the part with Toral Sorn: He's a clever sort, our elf, so how much did it make his skin crawl to realise that an elf PC more than likely grew up in a household that venerated at least one human god?


The above is a huge assumption on my part, I realise, but re-reading Faiths and Pantheons, it occurred to me that none of the Seldarine seem like the type to sponsor paladins (not to mention that none of them are in the proper alignment range, though Sune did open the way for exceptions, I guess). So not only is the PC's father an unnatural beast who chose a lifestyle that does not precisely come naturally to elves, but he also lives in a wretched hive of scum and villainy...err...I mean Luskan, and with his religious practices he might as well dock his ears and call himself Lars.


As for flirts... What I like about Diriel is his self-control and (apparent) lack of sentimentality. I always imagined my PC trying to get under his skin without being terribly obvious about it. "I know where your buttons are. Witness me poking them to make your armour crack juuuuust a little..." sort of thing. Also, a no-brainer would be asking to be taught about what makes a proper elf, though that's perhaps more suited to dialogue proper.

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Again, I am not the most romantic soul...


The standards of course:


1. kissing

2. hugging

3. holding hands

4. ear flirts (seem popular for elves)


One thing you may want to include is glances. Since throughout the game Diriel is watching charname, I would imagine that she catches him with his gaze focused rather intently on her at times. Possible PC responses: blushing and dropping her eyes, returning an interested look, sticking her tongue out at him, etc. Also, is he making notes in a research notebook? If so, perhaps the PC would want to ask him what he is writing so much about in there.


If Diriel is supposed to be good with herbs perhaps he could make some form of lip balm to keep the PC's lips from chapping. I think it would work as repeatable since you would want him to reapply it now and again.


Considering how cold it is in Icewind Dale, it is only logical that he and the PC would, shall we say, share body warmth. This could be just being near each other, snuggling or something more intimate. A weak ploy for some snuggle time, but hey, whatever works.


After the commitment stage of the game, I can see him becoming even more concerned about charname's welfare. After all, at this point he does have a vested interest in her survival and wellbeing. Would he become more protective? Perhaps chiding her to take better care of herself in battle, giving her part of his rations (or even hunting up something fresh), making sure she has plenty of blankets at night and gets a spot close to the fire, or something similar.


I'll second the tickling also. I think because Diriel is presented as such a controlled person that it is a huge temptation to get him to submit to his emotions. When he does let his guard down I could see him getting pretty passionate.


I'll think of more tomorrow. Those are what came to me today.

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Please, no ear flirts. Sorry, but every time I read one, I get this bizarre sympathetic pain in my own. Ears are absolutely full of sensitive nerve endings, and the idea of grabbing one makes me cringe.


OK, maybe a little light stroking around the outer edge...







And no, I don't have big ears. Quite the reverse, really.

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If you grab an elf's ear, he is very likely to either cry out in pain at once, or zap you with something nasty. Or both - elven ears are extremely sensitive, so you'll have to be very tender. Probably no tongues, too.

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Ear flirts aren't exactly my cup of tea either.


Seriously though, almost every elf romance has them. Tsujatha, Xan, Kivan, think Amber mentions it if you're an elf. Hmm...I'm not sure on Tashia it has been awhile since I have played her.


Anyways that is why I listed them as standard. I don't particularly care if they're included or not, just figured they must be a popular request since they are in so many mods.

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Hmmm, this might not be entirely appropriate for Diriel's relationship, but I was thinking something like the PC asking if she looks fat in whatever it happens to be she's wearing. I mean, it has potential!


It's stereotyped, yeah, but since Domi said this was planned as a sort of humourous option, I reckon it could work.


Just think of the endless responses!! From the: You look perfect all the time mush to the: Of course not! But you certainly look better out of it... sort of thing.




(PoMo Out)

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Ear flirts are ok, to be honest I'd like to see something like a little pull on the ear and Diriel asking what was that for >.> even if it doesn't exactly suit him.

That tendency of every elf NPC to have ear flirts it's quite understandable, I mean elves have an ear turnon. *titter*


I also agree with the point that was made: If Diriel is so protective (specially after the 'tree encounter' *wink wink*) then it would make sense to see him taking care of PC's day to day needs (well at least those that are vital for remaining hale). Sharing water, or food. Pointing out something to eat amongst the vegetation. Complaining about PC liking humans, or even talking to them.


From some other type I wonder how he would react if PC gave him flowers >> Not only it's weird because it should be other way round, but he's a druid. It would be priceless to see him say "Why would you murder those flowers and then seek approval is beyond me." Or some such...

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