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Accessing dialogue files


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So I'm working on a very hush-hush project (read: I've got a neat idea that I may never finish, so I won't bore anyone with the specifics until I'm sure I can get it off the ground) and I was wondering if it were possible to access the original Bioware dialogues (in written form) and how one does that. I need some written remainders of how one specific character talks, and I don't want to have to replay BGII every time I need those dialogues. (I'm exaggerating, but I still don't want to have to rewrite a dialogue tree if I can just copy it from the files). If it helps, I know how to access dialogues from mods.



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If all you want to get out of it is an idea for how the different NPCs sound, get yourself a copy of Near Infinity. You can use that to browse any dialogue or script file in the game.




There's an NPC interaction guide available for download at Sorcerer's Place, but I don't have the link on my work computer.

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