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Armor modding question


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Hi all. First post here, recently got into Baldur's Gate 2 after beating Oblivion. Once I got past the graphics, I realized BG is every bit as immersive a game as Oblivion.


My question is: how do I edit a piece of Armor to make it "non-magical" so that it can be stacked with Rings/Amulets/Cloaks of protection?


I am aware of the BG2Tweaks component that allows complete stackability of protection items, but this is NOT what I want. I just want to be able to edit one suit of Armor to make it non-magical.


I tried checking and unchecking the "Magical" box in the IEEP item editor, but this did not have an effect in game. Perhaps I made a mistake in my method? I used Shadowkeeper to extract the .itm file into my override folder, then edited the file using IEEP.


I would appreciate any help. If anyone is feeling especially charitable, email me a nonmagical version of the Shadow Dragon Scale. I'll pay you $1 on paypal ;)



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Magical item stacking is actually controlled by a 2da file. Check out itemexcl.2da; you can not wear more than one item from this list at a time. To allow one piece of armor to be worn with RoPs, just remove it from this file.



Thanks. Exactly what I needed to know!

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