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first slaver ambush upon returning to Slums


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The first ambush by slavers as I returned from Korgan's quest to the Slums is absolutely brutal. I can't tell you how many times I've reloaded, I've been playing it for hours.


Party thus far:


PC Fighter






If I go right after the mage, that doesn't work. Nothing hits her. As I try someone casts Horror, and I think Confusion as well. And without all of my party members functioning there is no chance whatsoever to win.


I can kill all but the mage, and then start to damage the mage after some of her protections wear off. But at that point she casts Petrification (!) on a party member. And because there's no returning to the no-man's-land area where the ambush takes place, the petrified character can't be Stone-To-Fleshed back to the living--he's lost. I mean, I think I can eventually manage to get lucky against the mage, but lord.


Don't get me wrong, I love this sort of challenge. But Flesh To Stone so early in the game might be too much. ;)

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I'm seriously confused by this - no mage script I've written (I thought!) uses Flesh to Stone.


Which ambush is it? Is it the group of five slavers led by a guy called Eldarin? And does the mage who casts Stone to Flesh do lots of prebuffing? (I'm trying to work out if she's on one of my scripts).




Got it! (five minutes testing turns out to be a helluva lot more efficient than looking through the code). Believe it or not, that was a humble Chromatic Orb. The Slaver wizard is tenth level, if you fail a save at +6 then her Chromatic Orb will petrify you.


I haven't deliberately modified anything in that battle, but the Slaver wizard is higher-level than in the vanilla game (unmodded level=7, modded level=10). SCS II has an automatic level-modifier, and it noticed that the Slaver wizard has L5 spells and so ought to be higher level. (It sets people to the lowest level consistent with all the spells they have memorised). In this case it's a bit harsh because the wizard isn't actually scripted to use her L5 spells in the vanilla game (though they're still present in-game, in a sense, because you could access them if you Charmed her).


I could:


i) make an ad hoc adjustment to her level, bringing her back down to L7-8;

ii) give her a scroll of Stone to Flesh. (It's not even unrealistic: these guys are slavers, they probably prefer a live captive to a statue).


Views welcomed.

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Well it's a sensible spell to memorize, that's true. It's a powerful spell. But in pratical terms at level 10 it petrifies most of the time, and for ambush encounters in the areas that you can't return to it may be a bit harsh.


At a certain level, doesn't Chromatic Orb also have a certain percentage chance of killing outright? I've heard it called the 'poor man's finger of death'.


Looks like the same scripting is in effect for the next ambush, the one where Rylock (who has been poisoned) asks to be taken to the Harpers' guild. I got lucky again in taking out the mage. But the petrification factor is really rough to deal with for those particular early enounters in the game.

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