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Gorion's Burial

Solar's Harper

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Just one small issue that is easily ignorable but still.


When I return to Candlekeep after Gorion is murdered, to do something about his body, I get the option to return to his site of death and bury him there. I've checked the TRA files concerning this, but I have recieved no dialog in regards to what it has related to in having my PC bury Gorion him/herself.


Later on when I am back in Candlekeep it tells me they recovered the body, as I requested. I was wondering if this is normal, and the aforementioned part a bug or something.


I was running BG1NPC-v12Beta3 at the time, unfortunately its been so long since I had a log of the globals for this matter so I can't provide much more detail.

Sorry. ;)

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