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[SOLVED] Second BGII install for Tutu


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EDIT: OK, got it. I have to double-click "BGMain.exe", not the "baldur.exe" with the nice picture. I think I did that mistake last time, too.


---------------------original post

I created a second BGII install from my initial one by copying the BGII - SvA folder, deleting the "CDX" folders and the (BGII) savegames.

In the baldur.ini, I changed the HD0 path to my second BGII-game path (BGI_Tutu, since that's what it is for):



HD0:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGI_Tutu\

CD1:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD1\

CD2:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD2\;C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD2\

CD3:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD3\

CD4:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD4\

CD5:=C:\Programme\Black Isle\BGII - SvA\CD5\


I run Tutu v4 conversion, after that Tutufix, I think correctly and without error messages (beside the one I posted at PPG).


Now, if I double click on "baldur.exe" in the BGI_Tutu folder, I still get the BGII loadscreen (chosing between SoA or ToB). If I select SoA, I can load my BGII safegames - but in the BGI_Tutu folder, there are no savegames!


I have the suspicion I set the paths wrong, and my second BGII install completely runs from my first one, if that is possible.


What did I miss?


EDIT: Maybe this question is better suited in the General Mod Section, or wherever, feel free to move it..

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