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jastey's Tutu stupidity


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So, after I-don't-know-how-many attempts on instaling Tutu v4 on my German version, with reinstalling BG1 and BGII and running the Tutu converter included, I finally succeeded today. This would be really, really great, wasn't it for the fact that I forgot to deinstall my BG1 mod before running the Tutu conversion.


When starting my "clean" Tutu game, and running into my quest.cre, I had a short moment of persecution mania.


Guess the positive thing is, that I know that theoretically, my BG1 mod could be installed and converted correctly to BG1Tutu via conversion.


OK, so back on creating a clean Tutu install I am...

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Seems the newly performed Tutu-conversion (now with a real clean BG1) resulted in a working Tutu game.




Sad thing is, that with my spoiled Tutu-game, I created a PC who had 90 points, on my first roll of dice. 90!!


Now, if I reimport her (of course I exported her before), it makes "ginglegingle" and she is at level 8. In Candlekeep! ;)

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